Making The Right Moves

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Even though grammatically, it isn’t.

Isn’t blogging just a ‘dear diary’ moment of every thought you may have ever wanted to share or have acknowledged, justified, or heard? “Yeah, so what?” say the fellow bloggers…”isn’t that our right? Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press”, blablabla?

Having dual citizenship I guess gives me 1/2 that freedom, the other half I guess we can chalk up to good ol’ chutzpah, seeing as I am American and Israeli. What? Is that considered rude? Seems so. “How can she say that”? ask her “nice” Israeli readers? Um, because it’s MY dear diary moment and I can pretty much spill whatever enters my brain in the hopes that folks think I am witty, sarcastic, silly, funny, and compassionate. PLUS, I have lots of embarrassing stories to share that will keep your eyes peeled waiting with bated breath as I make you laugh, cry and wish you knew me when we were both little kids. It’s true.

I am for the most part a responsible ding-dong. Blundering through life, even though I give really great, sound advice and listen ALL THE TIME to those that are in need of talking it out. That is pretty much how I got all my jobs so far. That and speaking my mind in a respectful way, making decisions on mostly gut feelings, figuring it out when things go left even though I turned right.

That is me in a nutshell. Making lemons out of lemonade. (I understand why people say these phrases even though they irk me, and I usually mess them up, making my other half laugh at my attempts at sounding “worldly”.

I have moved enough times to know when things needed to change. It’s always for the better (because that’s how the lemons to lemonade thing works – NOT that there is anything wrong with lemons).

This week marks a few changes. Starting 2 adventures, a business course and a blog. Watch out people she knows how to really stir things up! Next week maybe bunji jumping…well, not really. That’s just a really stupid thing to do. People can really act like idiots, myself included, but we aim not to. We strive for perfection and most of the time hit mediocrity – which is still pretty good, because it isn’t failing. I made that up so feel free to quote me when you retell that to make your friends/kids/siblings/co-workers feel better. I’ll try to have a positive message in each post (and highlight it in bold so you can get right to the point and not read the rest of my jibberbabble) because that’s pretty much me, the one who finds the silver lining. Other than that you can really just read about my life, which I think is hysterical and people often say they’d watch us if we were a reality tv show.

So, like I said, we all act stupidly from time to time, like now. It’s 2:40 in the morning. This can’t end well. Tomorrow is the 1st business class I am about to take (well, in my 30’s)…yup, tomorrow, from 6-9 PM, after getting 5 kids out the door, working a full day and on about 4 hours of sleep. Make that 2 thanks to side effects from allergy medicine. If only it were a “pick your own side effect” thing. May cause drowsiness would have been way better than may cause restlessness and irritability!

Plan for later today: Jean Skirt & Wacky Mac on deck = lemonade. Easy Peasy, Mac’n’Cheesy. (and yes, you can start using this one in your vernacular) <—I have a decent vocabulary, thanks to online gaming, um and reading, um and college?

-Junior (if you keep checking back – which would be making the right move, you’ll know how that happened).



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