Easy Peasy Mac-n-Cheesy

My message for the day. Makes Sense


If there is an easier way to achieve the same goal, give yourself a break.

See how easy I made that. Didn’t waste your time, just got right to the point without all the funny business. Even though that’s really what you might be coming back for.

Like the time I really wanted to break one of my front teeth in half. Instead of just knocking it out with a hammer (lots of effort and courage), I had my little sister jump up and down under my chin as we watched the first snowfall winter of a millions yrs ago.
OR, like when I was in 7th grade and thought – hey, if I could just run backwards, trip over the curb, trying to catch his dodge-ball – thereby getting him out (as we all know is the only way to catch a boy’s attention if you really like him) while making sure your skirt flies waaaay over your head exposing your panties to the whole class (cuz he’s probably not interested in watching that) as your elbow cracks the cement and breaking your growth plate forcing you to wear this loserish cast for the school picture to imprint idiocy on their minds FOREVER, instead of just smiling his way or blushing like a normal 11 yr old.

But more seriously and not as literal, as a mother I speak with wisdom. Will your child know the difference if you spent hours on making homemade mac and cheese or something from a box? Probably not. Avis ( I think had a tag line) said work Smarter not Harder. Does not always work, the best feeling we get is when we really work hard to achieve our accomplishments. Feeling really good about putting in lots of effort and reaping the benefits are worthy of praise and recognition. Accolades and Parades.

But sometimes, and only sometimes, you can get that feeling because you simply matched a pair of socks, that did NOT annoy your child, that did NOT have a hole by the toe, and was waiting for them when they woke up, and DID match what they were wearing. Hallelujah! That hug will feel like thousands cheering your name…or like the first spoon of Ben and Jerrys, (hiding on the back porch), both pretty rewarding.

Taking a short cut sometimes DOES work, so give yourself a break. They will still love you even if you gave them fishlettes (gefilte fish balls in a thermos for lunch). Trust me – I survived it and I still love my mom, just not fishlettes. Ever.



  1. ok totally do not remember breaking your teeth…but i do remember getting stuck in a tree and getting my picture taken =)

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