A Good Prank Never Gets Old

I am not that funny. Every once in a while though I do get silly. When I see people walk into walls or trip over items, that cracks me up. I don’t know why. The person never gets hurt, but it’s a certain surprised look or how they recover that gets me every time, and then I hit autorewind in my brain and I end up laughing more throughout the day. I have been known to prank friends or coworkers every now and again and today I was in the mood.

I didn’t have the energy to do this: 

but I get it.

I would really love to do this:

but it would take too long.

Today, I had one of each of  these and I could not resist.

We used them in our Yom Yerushalayim program for the guest speaker. After the program I brought them back to return them to the person who holds on to them for safe-keeping. It was then, while they sat on my desk when I had my evil thoughts…I am still smiling. I decided to put the amplifier/speaker hidden in various places throughout the day in different offices. Then, when my coworker entered to do any various office-like tasks, I decided to speak to them from beyond. Once female co-worker decided to pour herself a cup of diet Pepsi Max, so before she put it to her lips, I said, ” Don’t DRINK that poison”. It got a good laugh.

The next victim was an innocent student, whom I already know, that was filling out some paperwork quietly in one of my coworker’s office. I whispered his name and he whipped around….that was great! I know, I am sooo childish. I can’t help myself sometimes. Another friend was in the conference room touching her iphone when I asked her who she was calling…again super silly but I had a great time. We should not take ourselves too seriously. It is okay to have fun as long as no one gets upset or hurt. 

 Anyone who has been to my office has seen my rubber-band ball thanks to the Israeli mail system and their need to wrap all my mail in rubber bands. I finally found a way to make good use out of the excess. But one day soon I think I may try this:



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