Candycornaholic? Yes, I think I Am!

Do I love candy? I do. I love candy. Period.

Oh boy, I wish I was this little fella’ right NOW! I love all types, colors, shapes, flavors and textures. I love ALL things related to candy as well. Stories, music, movies, you name it, if there is some aspect of sugary sweets I am so into it, you have my full attention.

CANDY: I love candy corn the most,  jelly beans almost as much and peanut chews definitely get ranked pretty high.  There is nothing that gets me more excited to date than seeing lots of candy all in one place at the same time. Bar mitzvah candy tables – watch out kids, I am coming through! It’s no surprise that I want to open a store one day…a candy store that is.  I struggle with naming it but I have some ideas up my sleeve. Some of you know that I am even taking a business course that will help guide me when the time is right.

MOVIES: There are a few movies as a child that are by far holding a special place in my heart because of their connection on some level to candy. There is a Broadway-like dance-song-set that had captured my attention as a kiddle in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I get giddy every time my children are watching it, and need to sing along. Obviously I am annoying them because they just want to watch and then comes the dance routine!! Dancing about candy!

The very best movie for chubby kids that love candy? No brainer. It was a fantasy dream come true. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Oh yeeaaah, baby! “Snozberries taste like snozberries!” Imagine a wall you can lick!!!! (ok, a bit gross – but for a kid???) How awesome is THAT?!?!?!  Or the everlasting gobstopper? Still gross but so very awesome! I know first hand that one of my children tried to make a gobstopper last forever, I found it in a baggie in her room. Ich.Sa.

TELEVISION: Of course there were commercials on TV that made my head swim with delight, like the twins that would sell DoubleMint Gum. Double your flavor, double your fun…Oh hello…I’ll takes some of those! M&M’s that melt in your mouth, not in your hand. (Duh, not in mine anyway – they were never there long enough!) I didn’t know that there was caffeine in chocolate and when I was pregnant, working on Wall Street, I’d sit in my cubicle and I would eat a Costco 5 lb bag at my desk like it was nothing. Man that baby kicked the kishkas outta’ me! I tapered off after the OB mentioned the caffeine though, slightly. I knew how to spell Nestle’s because N.E.S.T.L.E.S., Nestles makes the very best, Chawwwklit.

MUSIC: Songs that I would repeat (mostly with the wrong words of course) were Shirley Temple’s On the Good Ship Lollipop, Lollipop by the Chordettes, Sugar Sugar by the Archies, and of course with my children it became an obsession to sing  Barney’s If All The Raindrops and The Gummy Bear Song. The older I became, my taste in music changed as well but not the subject matter, it was all about candy, the songs are still upbeat and fun but the images got a bit naughty (clicker beware). I fell in love with Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me (even though I had no idea what the song was really about mostly because the lyrics I was making up were cleaner),  Lollipop by MIKA, and Candyman by Christina Aguilera.

GAMES: Candy Land. I would love to live there. No matter that over the years the characters or the locations received name changes, Molasses Swamp to Chocolate Swamp, it’s a place I think I’d like to visit if not live forever. I do feel bad for Frostine. She lost her Queen status (way better name) and became a Princess (wah wah wah). Princess Lolly loses royalty status altogether and sadly MB decided to get rid of Plumpy, according to Wikipedia anyways. What gives?

STORIES: While Hansel and Gretel was a really scary tale I got hooked on, there was the gingerbread house. A house made only of candy. Yumdiddlyscrumptious! I actually read an article (as a follow-up to a radio spot) of a woman who made a house of hair. Shnasty! So all in all, my fairy tale had a witch who ate children, but this true-life tale was way scarier.

VACATION: Hands down. Best vacation EVER? Hershey Park, PA. Seriously. A place called Chocolate World? Pudgy over here was in love. Passing by vats of chocolate syrup, fake chocolate smells shpritzing the air with a freebee at the end. YUM. That same trip we went to the Y&S factory where they made Twizzlers, we got to eat hot off the conveyerbelt! Globs of sweet cherry goo. Of course I got sick but not everyone can say that had THAT experience!

BACK TO CANDY: Christmastime there were candy canes everywhere I looked, teasing me, taunting me. Shiny vacuum-packed treats aaahhh! It was too much to bear they looked so good and of course they were not kosher. My mother would buy me the Shop-rite brand peppermints as a replacement. I chewed them up fast and could go through a whole bag before I got that awful toothache and would vow NEVER to eat peppermint candies again. Every year though. Boom. The whole bag. For a while I got hooked on the Kraft caramels, also popular that time of year. They were kosher for a bit and I would pound away one after the other. Until the toothache, and the moaning, “I am NEVER eating those again in my entire life”! (LIAR!!!)

Remembering some of my favorites has been like a treat in and of itself. There were DOTS, and JUJYFRUITS. NOW & LATERS and Salt Water taffys from the shore. Summers at the pool club sucking the candy necklaces and ring pops. Ice skating while eating NERDS and DWEEBS (loved these names – genius), and the most awesome POP ROCKS! Life-Savers and Jolly Ranchers. I loved getting Wachamacallits purely for the name, Lemon Heads and Charlie Chan’s…man I can go on and on. Weird fun fact, as I was searching for a picture of the Charlie Chan’s I came across this website – TOTALLY RANDOMLY: CHERI’S CREATIONS.  I will live vicariously through her! I didn’t even get to chocolate. OhMaGarsh! Remember the Reggie Bar? Junior Mints! Milky Ways, Three Muskateers????? Aaack, I can’t take it. Movies eating Raisinets AND Goobers. Super-sized KitKat’s and Nestle’s Crunch Bars, TWIX, or York Peppermint Patties!!!! I still have not even made it to chocolate and peanut butter mixtures like ZAGNUT and REESES. I need to pause here. I’m in sugar overload mode.

Oh man, that was a great peek into my youth huh? Ironically enough I don’t remember any exercising much or are you not surprised. To be honest, even with all these yummy treats there is only one candy that I have mentioned once before in another post that sticks out as my all time high. It may not be the jazziest, or chocolate covered but it carries the sharpest most poignant memory for me. I can remember the smell of the store, the tinkling of the chimes on the door upon entering and the mustache of who I assumed was the grampa/owner of the candy store in Keyport, NJ. We would stop in as a special activity after buying Dr. Scholl’s from Buster Browns.  It was a reward for good behavior. We each got to pick out one candy. My choice?

Sitting here with a goofy grin, folks. Loved those tangy, fruity, circles with berry shapes. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the packaging or the name or that it started as one thing and ended up another. Either way, what a great experience. They were not expensive. A small token for a child can change their lives forever. What a value is right. Amen.



  1. Great post, Cheri!

    However, you have me wanting to paw at my waning candy drawer and it’s not even 10 a.m. yet! Good thing my coffee is sweetened with creamer. I too am a fan of candy corn — a few years back I discovered the pumpkin mellow cremes . . . oh, my . . . changed my life, they did. 😉

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