Heh? Yes, you read that right. PSHEWING. It’s a sound word like shhh, or bzzz. “pshew-pshew”!  He sat behind me in 5th grade and that is the sound I heard all the time. There was a constant  inter-galactic battle behind me and he had perfected the noise I imagine these types of ships make. Yeah, of course I had seen Star Wars like every normal kid in the 80’s but I never re-enacted the scenes.

This yellow and white fighter plane/ship (star-fighter?) is actually one that I bought for my 4 yr old. It is a transformer like toy – which I LOOOOVE. I really like a 2 for 1 deal. Even though I never figure these toys out I am constantly trying. I feel like saying to my boys, “wait 2 more minutes, I’m not done playing”, it’s like a never-ending puzzle! Too bad I’m not vlogging. I’d love to be able to hear what I used to hear. “phew-pshew!”

As a 5th grade girl, sometimes these fake fighter-planes read his erasers and pencils would accidentally knock into my pigtails or head and make me turn around, after asking him to stop repeatedly with no response. Naturally, poor Harold would be surprised, he was slightly deaf and didn’t hear me getting upset or requesting him to stop.  He’d spoken with a slight quirky facial expression and always apologized. He was so sweet and innocent, in his own little battle-world ’til Chubby swung around disrupting him. Now, of course, he is well respected in his field and has children of his own so he turned out AoK.


Today. I have 2 boys. One is 12 and the other is 4. The Boy and the Baby. The Boy has been pshew-pshewing as long as I can remember and it has driven me absolutely bonkers! The Baby now has  (partially thanks to me) the amazing BTL-B Y-wing star-fighter (featured above)-found out it’s name here, no joke.  I am constantly surprised at what I can find on the internet.

He has since been pshew-pshewing. The battles never end. There are Fisher Price Little People that get wounded, Lego Hans Solo can usually defeat Hasbro Darth Vader but never when there is a fleet of green plastic army men covering the ground.  Tunnels and trains, and cars, trucks and planes – all demolished before the battle comes to an end. But never the flight of the star-fighter, it pshew-pshews all throughout the battle. I have even managed to turn it into a verb, like how the world says “Google it”,  I’m constantly saying, “ENOUGH PSHEW-PSHEWING!” or “There will be no pshew-pshewing at the dinner table”.

All that having been said. I am all for children using their creative energy and imagination, even if it destroys my living room.  I saw this statement in an article entitled, “The Power of Magical Thinking” which discussed how research showed the importance of imagination in children’s cognitive development: ” Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we don’t directly experience, such as history or events on the other side of the world.” (Right this paragraph makes me sound smart? I happen to be wearing my smarty-pants today).  While I have met people that resemble Yoda, short and wrinkly with funny speech patterns, not green- I get it. I get why it seems appealing to little boys. For girls it’s like playing the dancer or the princess. It is important to unplug your children today from their iPads, iPhones, Wiis and what-nots and encourage their inner hero to overcome the Sith and save the Galactic Republic.

Yes, I can hear my inner nerd – sorry.



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