The Nook And The Niche

It was one of those lazy, “I don’t wanna’ get outta’ bed mornings”. Of course I was up and about by 6:30 AM. By 7:30 I was back in bed until 8:15 AM when I realized uh oh, better get #5 up.

Lazy day it was, he didn’t get to daycare until 9 AM so since I was already late I decided to take the road with the annoying detours due to construction and take a slow easy ride in. Listening to the radio while watching the dump trucks, the cement mixers and this machine that just looked like it was taking rocks from one end of its massiveness and spitting it out the other side. Yet, I sat there fascinated like a 4 yr. old boy. And that had me remembering when I was a little girl.

When I was small I used to go over to Aliza’s house all the time. If this is the first post you’re reading, Aliza was my bestie growing up and she lived 2 doors away. Her mom made this cozy nook in her room. A space that was gushy with blankets that was just small enough to fit the 2 of us to play Barbies with haircuts (you know what I mean, snip – oooh, she’s punk rock barbie, or mullet or mo-hawk barbie if things got crazy!) or just to read or sing, like most little girls.Today, on the radio I heard THIS song playing by the Judd’s. It reminded me of a song we used to sing together called Take Me Home Country Road. Part of me remembers her mom playing the guitar while singing, or maybe I am just making that part up – we’ll need her to confirm.

Little kids like cozy corners, snug little spaces that they can crawl into or hide and feel safe -these are the things we should be providing for them not Wii’s and gadgetry that prevent their imaginations. We all have stories of either when we were small or of our own children, not in their beds but cuddling with a sibling or in the closet or in their ‘nooks’. I just reminded myself of Thomas’s English Muffins with all those yummy nooks and crannies….they are great – everyone loves nooks!

My own children love to hide in the niche. There are 2 deepish columns that my children hide in at the entrance of my home. When they play hide and seek with each other – this is a favorite. It sort of looks like this: (not as fancy – maybe one day when my kids don’t climb in it!) I really want to paint them with this color scheme as well – but I can wait until they stop climbing in them.

Currently it serves as a dumping ground, I can usually find something that has gone missing in this spot, now if I fixed it up…where would I look? Yeah, I know – probably a gadrillion other places in my house…’nuff said.

I keep thinking I am going to build a ‘treasure box” for them. Big enough to hold all their costume/ dress up clothing. If it could fit it inside a space with curtains that they could change behind, exit from as they open their performances,,, that would be so fun for them. Do I know anything about construction? Nope, but I like the guy that does all our carpentry work, but it won’t come cheap. It would be their cozy corner.

It may need to wait until they are grown and I’ll get it done for their children seeing as I’d like to save money for curtains and other necessary items like food. Of course,we have money for food…but this 12 yr old is hungry ALL the time. I mean we are talking 6 bowls of soup, 4 bowls of pasta, 5 bowls of cereal…the list goes on. He can eat a pie of pizza on his own if I’d let him. At least I’ll get a break. after him are 3 girls until the next boy. I feel bad for my friends that have 5 or 6 boys, in a row!

I am blessed and that I know. Even if they throw fits from time to time, there are still hugs and kisses when it’s over. Even if they don’t listen more often than not, I know they hear me. Even if they walk out of my house with clothes that don’t match or with too many carbs as snacks, they come home happy as clams, unless someone messed with them along the way. I never claimed to be the ‘perfect’ mom. I aim to be the best me.

If we show kindness, goodness and compassion, we will get that in return. At least I hope so when my feeble hands have a hard time getting those dentures in!



  1. Your children — and may they come to know this fully one day — are incredibly blessed to have you. A mother who can be satisfied and content with her children’s health and happiness, while else goes to kuputz on occasion, is a treasure indeed. Your niche turned out wonderfully!

    ~ Cara

  2. Wow! This brought back memories! Yes, my mom did play “Country Road” on the guitar. You didn’t imagine that. I did always love those nooks that my mom made for me. My own kids crave those spots as well. If only I were as crafty as my mom! Thank you for that wonderful memory, Cheri!

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