Inspire Me. Please?

Dear People,

Diets are a girl’s worst enemy. She is a frenemy. We want her and need her yet despise her. I have reached a place where I KNOW I need to get healthier, but I roll my eyes at any type of exercise. Everyone says that once you get into it, you’ll feel great and won’t be able to live without it. Oh the hump, right, I need to get past the hump. It takes about 2 weeks before you even see the hump and then its sooooo far away, still -so- far -away! Everyone thinks I look younger than my age and I always respond its because I’m pudgy. All my wrinkles are poofed out!

A weekly conversation in my head:

Cheri: What if I start to look really raggedy after I lose wight and my cheeks disappear? 

Brain: No, this is not a good reason to avoid living healthy.

Cheri: I hate you Brain.

Brain: I know you do, chubby. 


I was on the Atkins diet once post-college and it was great. No carbs, lots of protein was my kinda thing. I was working, had lots of money, and did it together with a group of work friends so it became easy and fun. I ate proteins for 2 weeks and bought the pish-sticks to check my urine level -really was in it to win it and I lost about 7 lbs. Then I found out my friends were all off it from day 3. They got a big kick out of watching me continue while they were all secretly pigging out, but then I gave up because it just wasn’t fun anymore, once I was doing it by myself.

If there was a diet made up of food that I like to eat then I think I’d stick to it. An ice cream diet would be good for me. Perhaps I’ll create the french fry diet, why not? They can be baked, they are a vegetable and potatoes come in a variety of colors – and THAT is appetizing. Orange, white and purple (though, I’ve only seen these in the chip form). Maybe there could be a candy diet. Someone create a candy line that’s masked with healthy things but looks and tastes like something worth eating. Okay? Okay.

There is a co-worker of mine who is fit, enjoys exercise and her face is literally glowing. The other day she came in while eating some 0% Bio plain white yogurt and was sticking some bran flakes in for crunch. Ew. Now, I watched in awe as she ate it. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked if she ate it because it was a healthy option or if she truly enjoyed eating it. She said she really liked it. Is that even possible??? I don’t know but I wish I was one of those people.

I joined a gym with 2 friends in college that was money NOT well spent. We went to a HipHop aerobics class – sounds fun, right? So there is chubby in the back row doing the ‘running-man”…as if. I looked like a fool – with absolutely no rythym. More people lost calories that day laughing at me than from exercising. While Will Smith wanted to make others laugh, I was just trying to get my money’s worth.

Then there are those that claim if you introduce more salad into your diet it will fill you up more and you’ll be less inclined to eat other junky fillers. I was on a diet that loaded up the veggies and while its true I was not hungry for other food I started to despise vegetables. To look at them made me angry, it took a lot of work to cut everything up and this was the kicker, no sugar added in the home-made dressing. I felt like a rabbit in a cabbage patch. I was mean to my children and quick with my husband and was pretty miserable for the week that it lasted until I broke and drank some juice.

Am I overly large? No. I am a regular mom of 5 that picks at the leftovers so they don’t get wasted and finds excuses why there is no time to exercise. I’d rather pass out in pajamas then run around the block at 9PM. Technically however based on my height and age range I am considered ‘obese’. Yuck, how awful. I think when people see me they see “Chubby” which is bad for me to be inspired. Chubby people are happy, funny and huggable. This does NOT help me want to lose weight. Hearing the word ‘obese’ however totally does.

So what do I do? My husband bought me Wii Zumba (and I enjoyed Zumba – but with real people in a class of 30 women so no one can see if I am making mistakes, it’s just fun – but gets expensive) and I have yet to open the box. What’s my problem? I know that if I start I will most probably have fun and get my heart-rate going and yet it sits there collecting dust.

I also thought if I learned more about nutrition and healthy eating habits it may get me to move my fat tuches and at least try to lose some of this excess weight I call ‘extra love’. So I did some research and found a really informative site that was answering all the questions I was having.

I posted the whole link so you can see exactly where I am heading. I won’t post any before and after shots because that’s traumatizing. Maybe once I see results I’ll feel differently, but I would like to inspire others and I want to be inspired myself…where to begin??? I like my morning coffee and having something to dunk in it. I like carbs, I like junk food and I think if couch potato would be a paid position I’d totally put my CV up for that job!

But I know I need to make a change. So today I start. Again. However, I need inspiration, since I avoid the full length mirror, I need something better. I’m thinking of starting a campaign. One of inspiration and encouragement. I’ll call it-  Help Chubby Now. Maybe call my group CHUBBY. It’ll stand for CHeri Understands Belly Bulge Yo! (or Big Butts) or (Bad BMI) – it’s a work in progress.

I’ll leave it up you. Inspire Me people. I’m waiting.

Signed, Chubby



  1. It sounds like half your battle is mental…which I suppose is usually the case for overweight people, especially us women! The only way I’ve found to really inspire myself is to put up a challenge. Not with anyone else–that usually results in failure on my part. But I give myself mini goals/challenges. Like…let’s see if I can avoid candy/chocolate for the rest of the day. That’s reasonable, right? Also, I use MyFitnessPal, which is a seriously awesome free app/website for counting calories. I’m type A, so it really helps me out. Have faith in yourself! You don’t need to be skinny, but you should be healthy for your family and yourself. 🙂

  2. I apologize. I “liked” this, and meant to come back to it, but like most things I don’t pin down with nail and hammer, it got away from me.

    Don’t fear, inspiration is here! That was awful, sorry.

    Anyhow . . . little known fact about me: in addition to writing, I am a fitness enthusiast.

    In high school I topped out at around 185. I am tall, so the weight distributed itself somewhat evenly, but still, 185 isn’t like a club-foot you can hide in a pair of Uggs. I was big. And I had no idea what to do or where to begin, and thusly, spent most of my teens being heavy. Then, after many years of being “chubby” I decided no more. I bought a gym-membership, started researching meal-plans until my eyes went bleary, and got the ol’ bod into great shape.
    Honestly, it’s taken years to do things right and be where I am today, which is 145 pounds of mostly lean muscle. It was hard. Impossible at times, but more than appreciating how I look, I appreciate how I feel — inside and outside of clothes.

    Two things:

    First: I read that you are a busy mom of 5. Wow. You are incredible. I have one Chihuahua who, if I can manage to walk daily, I feel like a superstar. That said, working out a home is likely to be your best bet. Check out Melissa Bender is such an inspiration, and she uses nearly zero equipment. All her videos can be viewed on her website or youtube.

    Second: I wrote an article WAY back when I began blogging called “Living to Eat; reinvented”. Check it out when you have a moment. There are some great tips in there that I have adopted from the pro.

    This is worth it, I promise you. Yes, your skin might sag a little. Yes, it will be ridiculously hard. But we’re talking overall improvement in health and energy, and extra years with your children when they’re grown. That means grandchildren; endless hugs, kisses, and “I love you, Grandma!” How much more reason could you possibly have?

    Wishing you all the best; and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to query me up!


    ~ Cara

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