Oh Man. That Was Cool For About A Minute.

My first time in a smart car was, um, not as cool as I thought it would be.

My co-worker gave me a ride to the bus stop and I thought, oh yeah! My first time in the smart car!!! While it felt like a regular car once I was seated, when I looked to the backseat it felt weird, like part of the car was missing.  Sure, it’s amazing because it fits into teeny parking spaces and sure, it looks like a bowling shoe – trendy, cool and unique. What is the big deal? I’m not so sure. It looks hysterical from the outside and I was super excited to get in and try it. I can’t understand for the life of me, WHY, now that it’s over. No problem, tomorrow maybe someone brighter can create the SmarterCar and it will be made to fit normal size families and have a self-clean button and a mute button and a massage-while-you-drive button.

 Now, the Smart Phone is an invention that I struggle with. I want one, I don’t want one. I want one. I don’t want one. How easy would I be able to upload or send pictures. Booyah! Instant gratification! Or have the ability to download songs while sitting on a bus or use the many other apps you can download for free now in order to make life simpler. Wayz would tell me where to go, Suri would answer all my questions and I’d be able to play Words with Friends even faster! BUT, on the other hand, it’s a work cell and I’d be forced to answer every text and email every time it made a blip and beep! Not cool. I think I just decided.

Now, this is something I came across and thought: Neato!

The Hydropolis underwater hotel Photo: Design Build Network

Looks weird, right? It is. It’s the Hydropolis, a very opulent underwater hotel in Dubai that was meant to open in 2007, then in 2009, and well who knows if it will ever be done. However, it’s not even the first one! Apparently there is another one called Poseidon Mystery Island in Fiji likely to open first. Sure I’d love to experience a taste of the peace and beauty of underwater life but at a projected price-tag of up to USD$5500 per night for a room, not so much. For those with billions to spare I’d say go for it! It’s probably cool to go 66 feet underwater and truly experience…um, drowning? No, no peacefulness, that’s right. People in the world are suffering financial difficulties but the world needs more than one underwater hotel extravaganza? I guess so. So, yeah, I thought this was cool, but then was reading about the emergency doors and safety precautions and I was reminded of the movie the Poseidon Adventure, which I was scarred from and had nightmares about, yet watched every year it played on television.

Last thing that I thought – hey – that seems sooo cool, for like a minute was this:

The Vaccine that Could Provide a Lifetime Immunity to Nicotine Prevention

A single dose of a new nicotine vaccine could provide lifetime protection from the pleasur...How is it that we needed to waste money, and time, on creating something that we could literally do by just abstaining. Who covered the resources for this? Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College, that’s who. It basically turns the recipient’s kidney into a factory continuously churning out antibodies that clear the bloodstream of nicotine before it has a chance to reach the brain and deliver it’s addictive rush. Wow. Really? How about one for chocolate lovers? Right? Cool for a minute that such a thing could be created, but in reality…just don’t smoke people~! IT IS SOOO DISGUSTING. Look at all the types of cancer you may be giving yourself by putting those tobacco sticks in your gob! Your breath and fingertips always stink not to mention it gets in my hair when you blow it in my direction.

We are so brilliant, creating reality glass (check google out) and camping in trees suspended 1000 and 2000 meters (3280 – 6562 ft) high (don’t ask – it’s a thing in Germany), and underwater hotels but we can’t just put down the cigarette?

Well, anyways this is not a post on me hating on all cigarette smokers, (just don’t smoke) it’s about things that I thought were cool for a few “wow” seconds and then after really thinking it through, thought…eh- not so much.

What would be cool? A Theme Park Mansion with rooms of all your favorite movies…Like a Harry Potter movable stairwell and A Willy Wonka tasting wall and a table of everlasting gobstoppers. Perhaps a character like Sloth from the Goonies that you can slide down the wall with or a room where you could Incredibly Shrink yourselves, but then a Alice in Wonderland Room with EAT ME cakes where you grow again.

Just a cool thought….well, maybe not.


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