Glasses On The Forehead?

It’s a weird pet peeve of mine.

I understand why people wear glasses and rest them on the nose. It’s a placeholder and designers were smart and thought, hey – this shnoz is more useful than for just breathing! But why do some men perch them on their foreheads?

Exhibit A: Now take this guy, his name is Charlie Parker, a good ol’ American – appropriate for tomorrow’s July 4th celebrations with the American flag behind him. Hailing from Vermont he paints the lines on the roads. A real nice American guy, photographed by a women named Karen Pike. Karen, if you read this, I like your work! But why? why why why why why are his glasses resting on his forehead? It looks funny.

I was driving to work the other day and stopped at a red light. Looking over to my right, checking out other drivers as most people do and there was an older guy with his glasses perched on his forehead as he was reading his bills or mail or receipts who knows what…and I thought….why? He obviously needs them to drive and decided to multitask. I get it. I often can be found at a red light applying some mascara or eyeliner to make the best use of my time. And I’m sure I must upset others. The glasses thing though really bugs me. It looks funny.

kindly old man with fluffy white hair, and his glasses up on his foreheadExhibit B: For those of you who don’t know, this gentleman’s name is Carl Jung. Born in 1875, he lived a very productive life and anyone who studied any form of psychology in college would recognize his name. He was Swiss, a psychologist and psychiatrist, he was super smart. See below:

“Drawing on concepts from astrology and mythology, Jung introduced the idea of the Collective Unconscious, wherein figures repeatedly appearing in dreams, myths etc., are supposed to have a substantial, non-material reality, and Jung openly declared himself a philosophical idealist.”

It has become clear to me why these glasses-on-the-forehead thing came to me in a dream last night – totally true. I’ve been unconsciously thinking about writing this piece for a few days, how bizarre that the very man who would explain why I’m dreaming about glasses on the forehead would HIMSELF be part of the problem. Erg its soo annoying!
Le CorbusierExhibit C: Pardon me for arguing with The Father of “International Style” Design, Le Corbusier who once was quoted as saying “To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects.” No offense shmancypants, YOUR GLASSES ARE NOT IN ORDER, the function of glasses is to be able to see when placed on one’s eyes. AACK! It’s bugging me, perhaps it’s because I am not clued in to “International Style”. Or deeper cheriblevy thinks philosophically speaking, perhaps it’s not the function of the glasses, but the function of the forehead. Point to Ponder.
Heinz Wolff
Exhibit D: After some research though I seem to have found a connection between this phenomenon and old guys. This man actually considered this photo as his mad professor look: I absolutely agree.
I have a lot of pet peeves and I guess I’ll start writing about them more and trying to figure out why these things bug me so much. But in the meantime, feel free to analyze me, comment below, or ignore me. For the record, I did not find a single woman who did this crazy thing. Is it possible that only men practice this weird action? I’ll keep searching. In the meantime, keep tuned for the next pet peeve. Leaving cabinets open. Argh!
I need to end this post because even the pictures of these guys are annoying me! I know, I probably need help. Don’t we all? The message for today should probably be let things go when you can not change the situation. Something I clearly need to work on.


  1. Oh my god, thank you!!!! I was watching season 10 of top chef, and there was a contestant, who was super full of himself might I add, who more often than not wore his friggen glasses on his forehead, and it infuriated me. The only thing I could come up with is that he didn’t want to mess up his “trying to look young an hip hair thing” Anyways, I’m really glad I’m not alone in this, because it’s really annoying to say the least.

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