My Surprise Birthday (shhh)

It’s a big deal, but it’s not. My actual birthday is in a few days but we are officially celebrating tonight, even though I may not know about it. Some of my close friends were invited for dessert later this evening and I am soo excited, though a bit nervous that my husband forgot to invite someone, not sure who got a phone call, or a passing invite… so if you are reading this and we are good friends, feel free to surprise me tonight! I do feel bad for my eldest who suffers with a sensory disorder though, tonight will be rough on him. Hopefully we’ll sweeten he night with lots of treats and he won’t mind so much!

At first I thought, I’ll just let this one pass, nice and quietly, since it’s a big number. Then I thought, maybe I’d want to celebrate this milestone somehow – but not the surprise b-day, anything but the surprise birthday party. My good friends are here visiting from the states and it’s really nice to introduce them to my newer friends.

I really do not have time for a proper post – there is sooo much I want to say…however time is short, and there is still much to do. Eyeliner and all…

So to all my faithful readers, wishing you a FABOULOUS weekend from the Judean Hills to wherever in the world you may be AT. If I could be granted one wish it would be that the next 40 be as interesting, blessed and wonderful as the first forty.

Happy almost  Birthday to me!



  1. Happy Birthday Cheri!! Hard to believe that my baby brother and his friends are all catching up to me 🙂

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