My Real Surprise Birthday

I was skeptical about today. It’s a big number. is no way to describe myself as ‘young’ anymore and I knowwww I am not old. And I know, it’s not how you look, its how young you feel! I knowww I don’t look like I am 40, people keep telling me that they are shocked when they hear that, someone just this morning thought I could even pass for 27! She did seem overly jittery though, I think she was on a caffeine fix so maybe that was affecting her judgement! 40 is serious business. I am 1/3 of the way through with my life. Still seems like a long way to go…I hope at least…and this is when we start to slow down. Not for everyone, like some of my extraordinary friends that are running marathons and riding bikes for sport, or Zumbaholics – gosh those women look amazing! I mean the average person slows down at 40 because they can. I mean in terms of how they think. I was always a pretty chill person but now there is more to analyze and not just blurt out my feelings, or thoughts.

I am wiser. That makes me happy. I am not doing idiot things all the time now, like cutting my hair to spite my face…or sitting still while some cutie kicks me in the eye with his sneaker (true stories). I give healthy, sound advice to those who seek it. I read more, think more, listen more and speak less.That feels good. I am embracing my age not because I don’t have a choice but because I have earned it. I am 40. It still sounds… wrong. I liked 39. I liked most of being 38 even better.

I’ll need to redecorate my room. There are still kid’s drawings from my 38th birthday surprise. The surprise was that when I tried to take some kiddie birthday drawings down the paint was coming with it. SURPRISE!

Here is the picture of my awesome (not surprise) surprise b-day cake from my good friends at the COOKIE CRAVE. It was so delicious, not a flower was left behind., I like today. I am in my pajamas and its the middle of the day. I can smell the fact that they found the Duncan Hines, planted secretly in the pantry next to the festive napkins with big ’40’ on them. They just asked if they could use the Rich’s Whip…secretly placed in the front of the shelf in the fridge even though the recipe for Buttercream Frosting was magically left on the counter today. Heehee. We are as young as we feel. I’ll still do practical jokes and secretly hide behind the kitchen wall to jump out and scare one of the kids. I’m still ready to sit on the floor and play trains and legos and read Judy Blum books. It’s all good and I look forward to it even getting better. I share this milestone birthday with my son’s special day (Phylactory Day!) I wanted to combine them but felt they each needed their own posts. Tonight we celebrate with Freezees (I AM SOOO EXCITED). I love a slushie. Especially in the summer. I used to be addicted to Slurpees!

So far today has been great and I’m psyched to spend the rest of it with my kids and can’t wait to see their faces when we surprise them with the freezee idea.

From this day forth I declare my birthday PHYLACTERY DAY! Let it be known to all mankind. We shall all be festive and it will be a day henceforth of merriment and cheer.  I know, I can be so weird.


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