The Gift of Life Birthday Card

Don’t worry about the details  – they are no longer valid so don’t try to call me at that number, unless you want to speak to my mom and dad. Here is a great way to donate some of your hard earned money if you wanted to help save a life. Don’t have the cash to spare, no biggie, just find a local event or host one yourself and get cheek-swabbed, it’s as easy as that!

Thanks for the b-day wishes Gift Of Life!

Dear Cheri,

On behalf of everyone at Gift of Life, please accept our very best wishes for a happy, healthy birthday! As you will recall, you became a member of our registry on Feb 8, 2004 at United Jewish Center.

Keeping your address and other contact information up to date is very important, and helps us make more bone marrow / stem cell transplants possible for children and adults in urgent need. We currently have an address on file for you with the following zip / postal code: 07747 and home phone number ending in: 2113. If this information has changed, please click here.

Once again, best wishes for a happy birthday, and thank you for being a member of the Gift of Life family!


Your friends at Gift of Life


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