Having My Cake And Eating It Too

How awesome on a scale of 1-10 is this? I give it a 9 because the pump is not RED! Otherwise I would so totally want one of these – so weird and wacky but to drive a car in heels? That’s a two-fer!

Other double whammies:

I love ice. Even if my drink is cold direct from the fridge, I like to have ice in my cup, in my mouth, cooling me down, refreshing me. In this heat though nothing helps, well maybe this would…If I were still single (not a religious Jew) and suffering in this heat, I’d totally travel to get to this bar!

Grand Opening of Minus 5¡ Bar

Its called the Minus5 Ice Bar in Nevada. Not in the US? I hear there is one in Sydney as well! Check this site out, it is so COOL. Get it. See how I did that?

Oh that Cheri, she’s so punny.

Last joint pleasure?

It’s a tie – but both the same idea. When I want to relax, it’s usually, with a book, watching a tv show, on something comfy. My bed is good sometimes, but I inevitably fall asleep, same goes for the couch. If I want something that could combine my two needs, it would look like this:


Right? This is the best of both worlds! Not really a bed. Not really a couch. Has a space for my CD’s, built-in television screen, and if a sudden idea pops in my head I don’t have to go far to post on my blog because look closely – there is a computer table attached on the other side. Comes in girly colors too:


Here is the other thing I was referring too, similar but different. While it doesn’t look so relaxing it is multi-useful. It serves as a place to sit or lie down, or um practice your contortionists moves AND looks like art.


Message for the day. It’s NOT always a good idea to have your cake and eat it too. That’s what got me here at gazillion pounds overweight, but everything in good measure, and Wii Zumba is helping take care of that.

Feel free to purchase me one of these items, you call all chip in together if you prefer.

I am still accepting b-day gifts. Thanks!



  1. That car screams superhero car. Batman had his bat mobile. This can be odor eater girl. Kills odor in nasty places (not limited to shoes)… just a thought

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