Manic Monday

This is what I heard on the way to work today. Four songs, totally unconnected in theme  or style. Typical Israeli playlist, when they play American type style music:

1) Journey – Don’t Stop Believing – Awesome in its original version but had me picturing GLEE – totally! I need to give credit where credit is due though, because of GLEE and I guess Journey, a kid named Sam Tsui along with his friend Kurt Schneider made an A-MAZING music video. 2 thumbs from me – Inner geek alert – loud and clear. Sorry.

2) Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman – First time EVER hearing this song and now it’s stuck there, annoyingly. Of course it made me think of the only person I ever met from Wichita, Kansas (and he’s not a lineman) so that was a nice 2 minutes dedicated to him and his family. He btw married a girl in my college posse – I know, no one uses that word unless you’re acting in a western or in a gang, sorry.

3) Elton John – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Live – Wow, oldie but a goody, plus it was the live version so it’s like I got a mini concert right there in my car. I like Elton, especially when he was on the Muppet Show, which we own on videotape…that still works…on our VCR. What year is this?

4) The Corrs – Runaway – Just saying that this sad, sweet, sappy love song is nice to finish a drive with but not to be geared up for a fabulous workday. I was so mellow, I needed that morning coffee for a pick-me-up! You’d think that I’d hear her over and over in my head repeating: runaway, runaway, runaway. But I don’t. It’s the lineman.  Boy I wish that DJ had chosen Rhinestone Cowboy instead. (I know, I know, inner geek alert).


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