The End of Kosher Delight?!?

Say What? NOOOooooo, but, but, but…

…but I had so many amazing memories of eating there!!

And J2 is moving and changing its name? Is nothing like a 2nd date with the man you fall in love with not sacred anymore? Now, I’ll never be able to relive that moment – in the off-chance I happen to be visiting America/NY/Broadway again! That moment where I met some of his friends, was awkwardly re-introduced to his mom and given the book: To Dwell In The Palace, that even started me thinking about the possibility of making aliyah (moving to Israel). The most serious 2nd date I’ve ever been on, but then again, look who we’re talking about, wink.

There was that time at KD with the brand new hubby when that lady in the booth next to us had no shame and nursed her baby right in front of the newlyweds….we had to stop eating, at least until she was done. It was weird for us and we felt like a deer in the headlights. We tried not looking but felt frozen and horrified. Okay so it’s natural – yeah, for moms and babies, not for newlyweds who are trying to eat a meal! No offense to all you public nursers…[please no hate-mail].

The time I broke up with a reaaaaaaallly sweet paramedic for the FDNY after an ahahah-mazing time at A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum with Nathan Lane and Whoopi Goldberg, over a steak, that I paid for, at KD, because I felt so guilty. Who knew they sold steak until I offered him to get whatever he wanted since he sprung for the Broadway tickets. It looked juicy but it was probably the worst steak he ever ate thanks to me.

I loved filling up those mini paper cups with unlimited amounts of ketchup, the salty fries, the orange booths, the red infrared lights heating up the fried chicken, the paper they wrapped the burgers in, ordering delivery for grilled chicken sandwiches when I worked at the OU (Orthodox Union), plopping lots of mayo and bbq sauce on them, licking my fingers…aaah, ok maybe that was a bit too descriptive.

I think the only negative was the long and narrow stairwell that led to the restroom. Creepy. Dirty. Sticky. Gooey. Hmmm, these are probably some of the causes for closing it down. Not keeping to code? Durnit. It’s sad. But gross too. When you hear that your favorite restaurant (I know, really classy, Chubby), is closing down for health code violations it kinda’ puts things in perspective.

Are we always conscious of what we eat? No. Do we even care when we are teenagers? Most of us, don’t. My childhood friend Brett used to always remind us in high school not to pig out lest we get the ‘Junk Food Blues’. How did he know? I mean, he is REALLY smart. His parents are also really smart, they probably told him that. But still, I love fast food. Why? Because it DOES taste good, it’s fast, and easy. All in moderation of course and I’ve seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. That is an amazing wake-up call to anyone who cares about themselves and wants to avoid obesity. Oh, and an early death from clogged arteries, a coronary heart disease, and or high blood pressure…the list goes on.

I’ve researched eating healthier and to be honest, if the world is changing and evolving into a more natural and healthy eating environment, then I think healthy foods should costs LESS, not more. How is processed food cheaper? There is a whole process it has to go through before it gets to us, as opposed to healthy all natural food, that honestly looks like it just came out of the field and into those health food stores.

I miss the days of the farmer’s market, if you have them nearby, shame on you if you don’t enjoy and purchase from them. I do like fruits and veg. I do. I just don’t like all the prep. Plus they really taste so much better when either dipped in chocolate or drizzled with cheese. Yes, I know that defeats the purpose of “healthy” eating but let’s be HONEST – they taste better that way! Keeping kosher, not that I’m complaining, is much harder to keep when everything needs to be double washed and triple checked for bugs that you can’t even see. I know, I should probably go organic.

That leads me to this realization and reminder:

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. A kosher home? Nope. Childbirth? Definately¬†NOT fun or easy. A good figure, is only achieved by having awesome genes or awesome jeans or eating right and exercise. A successful business. A lucrative career. The list goes on and on but you get it. So while my favorite restaurant is closing its doors, I’m sure there are others that will open willing to give teenagers a place to hang out, mom a place to run to when she is just too tired to make dinner, and couples to have great 2nd dates at. I guess this means I need a plan B for re-visiting it for our 15th anniversary. Feel free to give me suggestions. It’s my year to plan and November is right around the corner. Oh, and we’ve already been to the symphony and the ballet, and are not interested in jumping out of anything that’s already moving. Thanks.


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