OrigamiWear And Me

I am totally going to tie in Weird Wednesday and today’s post because while I have always loved fashion, I’m just not fashionable, and I missed posting yesterday because I was so busy at work and well basically, mom stuff.

Fashion is weird. I never wear the trendiest items, I never carry a handbag (purse?). I basically dress for comfort and practicality and not so much for style. How—ever, I just loveVogue, America’s Next Top Model, well, okay, all the top model shows that speak in English, Elle, LOOK, Cosmo, Glamour, Project Runway, Fashion Star, Let’s Design, Launch My Line. The list goes on so I’ll spare you. I want to know what’s trendy even if I don’t ‘get it’, which most of the time, I don’t. It’s basically an art form, and as I mentioned in All That She Wants art is completely subjective, abstract being the worst. In fashion this is equivalent to High Fashion or Avant-Garde.

This outfit on the left is sooo Star Wars/Trek/Comic-Con. I get it. I’d even wear it, given the body, for a costume party or on Halloween (Purim for the Jews). Even the modern orthodox Jewess could wear this, she is covered head to toe or as Tyra Banks says, H2T.

I mean really? Where would I wear such an item? This shirt below should be called OrigamiWear: It’ll be my new line, the cheaper knockoff version that is, so please don’t steal my idea. I’m thinking Europeans would go for it. As a side note,  this model looks angry, she’s probably upset because she has to wear this shirt, and her shoulders are blocking her peripheral vision. Note to self: adjust shoulder height.

https://i2.wp.com/www.thelovelyroom.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/guo_pei_avant_garde.jpgOkay, so I know I am going for really out there fashion, and runway-type clothing but these are the ones that I love to look at. I’m not sure why. Even though I find art/fashion weird, I can laugh about it. I find the more outrageous the outfits are – the happier I become. For example: to the right is a double-whammie.

Asian lady #1 is wearing a fabulous pant suit, but highly impractical. What if she needed to pick her nose? Sorry, too gross and probably won’t happen because pretty people aren’t pickers. Seriously though, reality check, what if she sneezed? I hope she went to the little girls room before she got dressed for this party.

Asian Lady #2 is fabulously dressed in a vibrant, yet impractical, frock. I can’t even imagine a time this outfit would be practical at any party or affair. There is no sitting at all in this dress! If the skirt is detachable I’d wear it. I would wear the shoes on either of these, imagine how tall I’d be! Forget about being intimated by taller people…this would solve my problem.

https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/2293390912/hat.jpgAgain, I’m not sure what my fascination with high fashion is because, my word, I would never a dress like that. Here is an example of something I might wear (and it’s no joke because my kids actually own these): No offense to Brian Chan, who is a designer in the UK, and featured to the right, wearing the amazing bear hat. Yes, I know I am 40 years of age and a bear hat is not age appropriate, but if I were cold, and that was the only hat I could find, I’d wear it. Now props to Brian, because he seems to know the fashion/art/design world and is not afraid to wear this as his twit-pic. Thumbs up from me!

https://i0.wp.com/www.imagesofshoes.com/images22/womens_tap_dance_shoes/Crocs_Cayman_Light_Blue_Womens_m.jpgAnother item I’d wear? (and this should nail it down for anyone thinking I’m fashionable, that I am no fashionista). Crocs, Cayman, in Light Blue. Why did I pick light blue? I don’t even own any light blue clothing. They looked nice in the catalog when I purchased them 5 years ago and they still fit, are quite comfy, oh and I only slipped and nearly broke my neck one time while wearing them. I better remember to tell that story another time. Mad funny to hear about but I was painfully sore afterward and have witnesses to the event making it that much funnier.

I don’t think fashion forward people own the same pair of shoes for 5 years, and certainly wouldn’t wear crocs.  How to look cool in crocs? I’d go with a Capri pant for the ladies and a pair of cargo shorts for men. But, I wear them with long skirts, short skirts, and schlepping throughout my house as a pair of slippers. So Vogue wont be calling me anytime soon, I know.

And, that’s ok.

I am tempted though one day to try something like this https://cheriblevy.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/2008-avant-gardemnjijpi.jpg?w=224because well, you see, when you accessorize away from your negative, people will only see the positive.

For example: if you have a pear-shaped bottom, try wearing a big bright-colored shirt with purple eyeshadow, with fake eyelashes and this hairstyle. I guarantee no one is going to be checking out your caboose.

With this faboo hairdo and perfectly sized pearl necklace, who the heck would be looking at my crocs? Oooh, maybe I’d just wear the Asian ladies shoes with my bear-hat. It’s a toss-up. Either way, I’d have to be wearing something comfy while I watch my Fashion TV or flip through my fashion mags. I’m thinking I’ll need to do posts about each accessory, they each deserve their own spotlight.

Jelly ShoesI’ll try to find the picture of me in my Tom & Jerry t-shirt that I wore almost every day the summer I was 9 or 10 yrs old. Between that t-shirt, my Osh Kosh B’gosh jumper and my mood ring, it would be hard to say which one I loved most. Too bad there were no Crocs in those days, I had to finish the look with Jellies. Remember jellies? Heck yeah you do!



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