I Bought Gumballs

It’s happening faster than I can handle it. There are holes that I need to plug up. Checklists are not helping. What was I thinking? I am not an event planner. I am creative and occasionally witty which helps deal with pressured situations.

I need a nap.

I want another pedicure.

I want one of those massage chairs or a hammock and just the sound of white noise or ocean waves.

Today is Sunday and I am having a brain-ache with all that I need to accomplish in the next 5 days. But I’m making lists.

I bought gumballs.

I partied last night with friends for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. It was a FABULOUS party with colored lights and a smoke machine, an amazing choir performance and a play and a deck party by the pool with great hors devours, and a speech by someone famous, and appetizers and 2 main dishes, and she looked stunning and her mother looked regal. Great dancing, great seeing friends, a real blast. We didn’t get home until 12:30 and we ditched dessert.

I am going way more low-key. I bought gumballs.

On my list for today? Purchasing. Paper goods, pasta and soy dogs. See? WAY more low-key. Almost sounds lame but I have a vision. It involves gumballs, obviously. People are flying in for this and so far all I have done is purchase gumballs. Well, that and make lists.


But I’m not nervous, oddly enough. I am confident. This party has mediocre written all over it but I know it’s going to be awesome. Why? Because at the end of the day, no one is going to say, “oh man, can you believe she decided to cook it herself”? Heads up, if you are one of those people –  you probably won’t be making it back for the Bat Mitzvah in November, because clearly you don’t get me.

I’m low-key. Low Maintenance. A creative thinker with high expectations with my pulse on what a good thing is when I see it. That’s how I chose my husband. That’s how I chose to live on my hilltop. That is how I KNOW without a doubt that this party is going to be AOK. Even with my little soy dog ‘pigs in a blanket’ snacks and my gumball idea.

The only snag I am currently having is trying to find where I misplaced the boy’s notebook that contains his speech, that he handed to me and asked me to type it out for him. I know I touched the notebook. I cleaned like a madwoman on Friday, was away for the weekend, came  back really late last night and now…? I thought that might help…retracing your steps…but no, nothing. Do you, as mom’s, ever play this game? “If I were a notebook, where would I be?” This is the only thing that is making me nervous. He is gonna’ KILL me.

If I am as smart as I think I am, it’s in a safe place so it would not get touched or wet or ripped. So that eliminates the kitchen. I last touched it in the dining room. I need to go check there. I need to get dressed first. I need to make a list.
To be continued…



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