Diploma Day!

Short and sweet. To the point. Success is measured in many ways. Supportive friends help every step of the way. These are some of the messages I walked away with today. My last day of business school.



What a proud moment. I wish we’d have taken a class picture. I feel so fortunate to have met so many interesting people with great ideas, and cool businesses which I am honestly looking forward to featuring here on my blog.

A personal best for Chubby. I received a job offer after class and I’m so flipping excited to begin a business venture with one of my classmates.

After a long day of shopping in the heat on a crowded street for hours with 4 little people, this class was just what I needed. It was so refreshing to end the day on such a high note.

Now, I need a nap. Day 3. I’m repeating myself. I’m repeating myself. (insert: snarky ‘harharhar’).

 ME & MY DIPLOMA  20120807_210518.jpgphoto credit: ARDIE


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