The Most Forgetful Day Award


It’s nearing the end of Monday. I’m sleepy. I bought pasta and decorations and some of what I needed for the big weekend. I forgot one major thing that I was meant to accomplish today. It was a pretty important thing, but I forgot it. 3 hours later than the time I was supposed to meet with someone I gasped out loud, hand over my pie-hole. I messed up. Here’s hoping I can fix that tomorrow.

There were smaller things that I forgot, like to take my cell phone with me when I left this morning for my millions of errands. I also forgot to wear my watch so I was G-d-like, not bound by time, even though I was, because I had people at home. Little people who were waiting for lunch and their cousins who flew in for the big event.

So I ran from the party store, where I frugally chose my centerpiece ideas on to my wig-lady. From there to my office to ‘check in’,  use the phone, upload more photos for the slide-show, and check for any more RSVP’s on my email and then to the market for non fuzzy items. I had those at home, in my fridge, because no one wanted them for lunch. Go figure.

I rushed home, made 4 boxes of easy peasy mac n cheesy, to feed 9 people. Nothing left. Phew! Decided to make BBQ for dinner. Summer fun – we should have taken pictures. There was even ‘Corn on baCob” as my 7-year-old says.

Today I tried to get focused. I left my list in the office, tick that box 3x for The Most Forgetful Day Award, so I had to make new lists. This was to be the List of Lists. I know it because I wrote them in my business notebook. I now have a list of who is coming for brunch on Thursday. Who is coming for the weekend and who is coming just for Saturday night. I also just remembered that tomorrow I am supposed to present my elevator pitch in business class.

I have a list for what I need to buy, for what I need bake, what I need to cook, what I want to clean, who I need to buy gifts for…the lists go on and on! What I really want to do is take a nap. Didn’t I just say that yesterday? I really need to work on elevator pitch as long as I am ‘focused’.

Dear Readers:

It is now 1 hour later. Elevator Pitch is DONE! I am proud of what I produced. I took this business class really seriously. I took this assignment really seriously. I am so happy tomorrow is NOT when I received The Most Forgetful Day Award. I am, for lack of a better word, prepared. I am not great at constructive criticism so I hope my friends are kind. I also just want to ace it and not need any helpful tips but I truly like and respect my classmates so I welcome all comments.

I am prepared for tomorrow, even though there is a mile long list of things to accomplish before I even get to my elevator pitch. It’ll be a miracle if I manage everything on my Tuesday To-Do List. When you set your mind to something you can achieve miracles…I hear Whitney and Mariah singing in my head…When you believe…

Remember the “choose your own ending” books? I loved them, so here is a choose your own ending right here:

Mariah and Whitney? Who are they?

You don’t know that song? Shame on you, go to YouTube right now and get inspired.


You know who I’m talking about?

That’s right diva sisters, go get your hairbrush and belt out those notes.




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