“Skeeto Bites On My Nakey”


That’s what the big-blue-eyed warm and fuzzy 4-year-old woke me up with today. Oh, sorry, you don’t speak 4-year-old?

Skeeto =mosquito

Nakey =naked

This sentence still confusing you? All right then. My squishy-cheeked baby, not-baby, was beside himself this morning because some mosquito decided to feast on his thigh and …elbow, yes, elbow, last night. My poor child was so upset by this that he came to tell on it. Besides that this not-baby doesn’t enjoy being touched on his nakey (anywhere that is not covered by either hair or clothing), he despises bugs. He crushes ants when he sees them. He calls for us when there is a spider about . He even goes as far as screaming at the fly if he happens to catch him buzzing about.

I am no longer allowed to kiss those yummy cheeks even though I am a repeat offender. There are rules. I am not allowed to kiss his nakey, *sigh*. After the fact I get a stern reminder as he bows and points to the top of his head…visual aid mom, for the hearing impaired…helllooo, I said no skin, man!

Life with him is delicious, so I get it mosquito…I know first hand how tempting it is to want to take a bit. I am in love. It’s no secret. So the war is on. If one of us gets to bite his nakey – it’s gonna’ be me. I am gonna’ squash you like the bug you are if I catch you too, so there.

I see this is becoming a habit with me. Talking to dogs, talking to mosquitos…I’ll need an animal section for sure.

Anyway – this is just a quickie – wanted to share the delightful but sad conversation we had this morning. Reminding ourselves whats truly important. Children will come to you as the parent for love and compassion when they need it. It is our job to offer that love as often as they let us. Keep your eyes and ears open folks, it’s the little things like kissing away the boo boos even if they don’t like being touched on their nakey.



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