The Party Is (Almost) Over

The last of the visiting family has returned and all is (relatively) quiet in the house. It’s the quiet before the storm theory. There is approximately one week left before school starts and my husband travels back to the states. While I am thrilled he is not one of the commuter husbands that travel ALL the time and that he is only going for a family affair, I am still racking up my nervous points thinking about the madness that will ensue.

I am letting the kids just hang out, do what they want – have that lazy summer feel. It’s been hectic around here for the last few weeks and they need their down-time just like anyone else…my big fear is that the early morning buzzer in a week is gonna’ be a massive shock to their system. I’m putting that on the back burner. Deal with it when the time comes.

I am relieved that the party is over, I need my downtime too – though it’s not really downtime. I still need that nap. I am really busy at work and laundry waits for no one, plus there are about 80 finger and toenails to trim, which I have been avoiding for obvious reasons! I need a spa day, and I’m gonna’ get it too, yahoo!

For my big 4-0 besides getting a mani-pedi in a swanky back room in the fanciest part of the Old City in a Jerusalem mall my best friend gave me the gift of a facial.  I’ve  never had a facial before so I’ve been reading up on what to expect!

I got this snappy photo from thebeautyglo a website from a stylist in London – She’s got a page dedicated to DIY facials – neeto-mosquito!! I imagine this is what I’m going to look like. Lots of green goop on my face and smiling…not sure if I need to bring my own cucumber, but I assume they’ve got it covered. I’ll need to check back with my new friend Anna on her site for when I am home alone or want to make my own home-spa day with some lady friends…or my little girlies! I hear avocado is supposed to be good.

I’m all for home remedies, do-it-yourself stuff. However, once I was an audience member on the Maury Povich show and the topic was – weird but true home remedies and other like ideas…I will never forget this one lady in particular. She had the nerve (and guts) to come on stage and tell her secret for curing facial acne.

She was totally serious. She said she takes her baby’s diaper first thing in the morning and wipes the urine-soaked area on her face. Yes, she did say she wipes her face, with pee. Um, disgustiiiiing! Something about how the acid kills blablabla…who cares? That’s nasty! no No NO! There are even books out on this issue, called Urine Therapy. Ok, kids, lesson in life. Just because someone can guarantee great results if you do something disgusting, doesn’t mean you should try it!  Yes, I mentioned in the past about trying new things, being more adventurous…but I didn’t mean wiping a dab of cotton, covered in urine, all over your T-zone. I meant like taking an avocado and making a homemade facial mask like this one from clueyblog.

Now I can’t get that image out of my head, but I must power on for the sake of my point. Which was? Yes, the party is almost over.

All the family members are now gone. The presents are unwrapped. The gift list, I am almost certain, is lost (again) and some of the thank you notes have been written. The fancy party clothes are all hung up and my pantry is fully stocked (thanks moms). I am ready for my facial! I am ready to relax. I am sooo ready for that nap!


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