Master of The Sticky Note

My laundry sometimes gets out of hand, the same goes with the kitchen dishes where things tend to pile up… but my desk at work? If it gets messy or I end up ‘stacking’ – I get frazzled, nervous and anxious and need to multi-task faster than usual to put things right.

So I’ve implemented this system – where I sticky-note important reminders all over my computer. I even have one of those little stands (with the YU logo –love that swag) that holds sticky notes to my right and on the output tray of my printer to my left, there is a steadily growing mound of small notes with important messages and reminders.

It’s kinda’ getting outta’ hand but I know whats on each one and I still NEED them ALL. The mound is making me crazy…I need to purchase a longer sticky note, the one that has lines for lists so I can condense all these yellow notes onto 1 or 2 or maybe closer to 15 longer versions…just to see everything RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I love being organized, but struggle with keeping things that way – at home, but never ever at work. I lose it at work if things start piling up. I may look rude while listening to someone at my desk as I collect all my notes and stack my piles…can’t take the mess! Sorry if you have fallen into that category!

So here I sit – letting it all out. Writing is extremely therapeutic. I’m having a dear diary moment. (I always thought blogging was just that anyways)…here’s what today’s entry would look like.

Dear Diary/Other Blogger People,                                             8/23/12

I’m having a sort of roller coaster emotional day. It started with a bang, excited to start a business venture but I should have made a sticky note on my comp. to check my email after hours, see then, I would not have missed the important message that my bright and early (read 9AM) meeting would never happen because the other party TOLD me she wouldn’t be able to make it.

Then I went to the post office (weird but true) to pay some bills – yay money in my hand, waaaah there it goes.

Got to work and was excited to finally make coffee, which I’ve been missing for 2 weeks since there was no milk in the office, and I forgot to leave a sticky note on my comp. to remind myself to get some. The sugar looked weird, people stuck their wet spoon in it so there were black things of what seemed to be coffee bits, but not entirely sure and pink crystals – not normal right – definitely weird? So I went for the Sucrazit (sugar substitute – healthier for me anyway) and finally sat down to start my day…when I notice my yellow mound of reminders…

Truth is they vary, these notes of mine. Blue, pink, mint green… I want to discard, organize, clean it up but alas I can’t tackle the pile because I am greeted all day intermittently by students that need me for various tasks. While I am pleased and happy to help them I eye the mound. It’s like I have ADD (maybe I do, who knows) I can hear what people are saying but my brain is forcing me to look at that pile, my fingers itching to touch them, fix them, really I just want to minimize the mess.

I have to stop typing…minus 1 mint green note (yay!). One neon yellow mini rectangle strippy one gone! Another mint green – trashed! Well, I have like a trillion other tasks to complete so until next break down  break…

Yours Truly, Master of the Sticky Note

I’ve called myself other names…like Chubby, but this one sounds better, like I earned the title. I wish I were one of those people who were just always organized, by nature. But alas, it was not meant to be. This free-spirit, creative soul is a bit messy. Oh look, it’s 5 PM  – time to go home.

Dishes, here I come (boo) Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah (yay) but both at 8PM, in different places (boo)!!

Is there a message for today? Yes, of course there is. 

No matter what happens in your day-to-day life, find the best positive thing to focus on. 

For me today it was watching a video of someone moving to Israel.Wow, did I cry – it brought back so many of my own memories – good and trying. It reminded me that things get stacked and put away, eventually. Then they come out again possibly making life messy. It’s ok. There is no laundry police. No one is saying “hey you, busy mom…why is that pot sitting in the sink since yesterday?…(unless your mom is there). How is it that she always manages to get everything done? Ok – so I ‘m not perfect…but I am…

Master of the Sticky Notes!


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