Weird Stuff of Wednesdays 8/29/12


To all my tree-huggin’-nature-lovin’-crunchy-granola-bran-eating-friends…or just those of you who recycle…this product should interest you. Personally, I think it’s weird and even a bit gross and would NEVER buy it, but who am I to judge?

 Available in Snaps or Hook & Loop closures

Happy Heineys is a brilliant company.

I mean that with my whole heart. Reusable diapers, that come in a variety of really cool and appealing styles and colors and even Glow-In-The-Dark options…anything that can glow in the dark is just cool. Using custom milled fleece (not sure what that means) and hemp (that definitely sounds sketchy) fleece.

What I love most on this site is this line: “Combined with proper night-time stuffing & proper lanolizing of our wool cover this can be a bullet proof system for most heavy wetters.” 


1) “proper-night-time stuffing” – this aint no turkey, it’s a baby folks – how much effort should go into your poop collector?

2) “proper lanolizing” – are we waxing the floor here? Is that from the word lanolin=moisturizer -as in creme? Then why would they also sell Heiny Spray and a special Rash Remedy?

3) “wool cover” – poor babies, that’s a hot bottom!

4) “bullet-proof system” – nah nah nah, as a mom, the last word I want connected with my babies bum is the word bullet. Besides, how much is your baby drinking that you’d need a special lanolized and bullet-proof pee catcher?

Listen, I am all for saving the environment AND putting something cozy on my baby but sometimes, maybe sometimes, the 2 should not be connected. I’m not trying to rag on this company, this is not the only reusable diaper company there are A LOT of others! That is what’s weird. we’re on weird stuff for kids and the bathroom here is a product that I’ve seen a few times, and totally am against, but again, I get it. While I’ve had to use mall bathrooms and gas station bathrooms on occasion I know first-hand how icky they can be. I also agree that protecting oneself from germs is good, but my bother-in-law, a doctor, once mentioned that it was good for my baby to eat dirt…build up their immune system – and stuff. While I was appalled and grabbed my baby away from the muddy puddle, and because it was my first baby, I was upset by this idea, however, I understood the concept.

These Potty Mitts are taking it to another place – while keeping sanitary you’ll also possibly be creating that kid in kindergarten with OCD. How about the old fashion way and papering the toilet seat? USE THE RESOURCES YOU ALREADY HAVE, save some money and bring up a well-balanced child. Why stop at disposable mitts? Why not dress your child in disposable clothing?  Hey consumers that this product appeals to…I have a secret for you…just like you wash clothing, you can wash your hands. Yeah, I know, it’s a crazy thought. Bring along a mini-sanitizer if you think you might touch something sticky or gooey throughout your day and you may be in a situation where there won’t be any soap.

You can always keep one of these in your purse/diaper bag/backpack/stroller. They’re weird, kind of creepy but is a constant visual to keep your baby’s hands germ-free.

Yes, those are soaps. Right? Kind of cute, but definitely kind of creepy. I think what’s most disturbing about these products is that here is more than one mold. The fact that there are at least 10 different options is what’s weird. But that’s just my opinion. Like it or lump it.

Last but not least – and as long as we’re on the subject…little kids love stuffed toys. Thinking of that perfect baby gift, wanting to be original? I would venture a guess and say it makes no difference when it comes to gender but I feel this may be taking it too far. Stuffed pee and poo toys. While I can respect the entrepreneurial success of the designer, who not only created this design but has since created a line of Pee&Poo items such as clothing and tattoos, I’d say it was in poor taste, though fairly marketable!

So kudos Emma – you go girl!

Tune in next week, I promise, it won’t have anything to do with poop.

I’m thinking weird holiday sale items since Rosh Hashana is around the corner!




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