Mondays are generally rough, being the first workday of the week after a long nice restful or amazing party-filled weekend.

Here in Israel, we work on Sundays so you get why I’m bummed out. My day is going obnoxiously but it’s a good day in general for other people, today, my nephew is getting married. Hubby is abroad to enjoy the festivities…I was ready to leave the house with my little man, all geared for kindergarten when…drum-roll please…the booper doesn’t boop the car door open.

And here is a quick (haha) version of how today went:

Hmm, I thought to myself, that’s strange. So I opened the car door old-school – yeah, imagine that…by slipping the key in the lock. Popped the lock, put the key in the ignition, and nothing. No sound. Some lights on the dash, the oil can picture shows up…I try again. I boop, I enter the alarm code, turn the key and…nothing. I try to take the key out and…it’s stuck. So I jiggle the steering wheel figuring it’s probably just jammed but it wasn’t.

And so began the downward spiral that became my Sunday. Called some great friends who called the people with the battery and cables sticking out of it, he jumped me, well I guess I should rephrase that, jumped the car, got the battery going. We brought cranky-pants to school – he was upset we didn’t fly. Eh? Yes, my amazing and very cool tenant thought to discuss with little man about capes and whose is better, Batman’s or Superman’s while we waited for my friends to show, we’ve been talking about capes all day now, thank you very much. Followed my friends to the garage, got a ride with them to work…by 11ish. They were so cool about it. Realized I must have left my cell at home. Grrr.

Staff meeting the mall, a lunch/power meeting. Yes! Jumped in the car with pals, got a great meal, could hear NOTHING going on at the meeting, was completely ADD, people watched, tried to follow the boss’s lips to see what topic we were on. I was exhausted from the morning’s events, totally could not follow what was going on plus the old overly tanned lady showing too much cleavage at noon sitting across from us had lots of jewels on that bedazzled in the bright light…totally getting myself checked out for ADD ><

Had an ice cafe at lunch, grabbed another on the way out. Tummy Ache, obviously. Car won’t be ready until tomorrow. I want to play hooky tomorrow but I won’t. I need to fold laundry now, but I won’t. Cranky-pants became pishy-pants on my bed. ON MY BED, thanks to Tom and Jerry, or maybe it was Little Einstein – we are loving them both equally right now thanks to YouTube almost as much as Bob The Builder (“because he wears da’ tools, mommy, da’ tools!” grabs my face, “see? da’ tools!”) Yes, yes, she nods yes, while smiling through gritted teeth while pulling off the stinky sheets. He asks ‘why Bob doesn’t has his cape’? I respond because he’s not a superhero, he fixes things. “Superman fixes things, he has his cape”…can’t argue with that…plan B- answer with a made-up outrageous response, but satisfies him…”Bob’s cape must be in the laundry”.

We then discussed many reasons why he can’t fly. He was not happy with me. But let’s be honest, what’s fair is fair – I wasn’t too happy with him and his incredible aim.

Chicken nuggets for all! YAY! With rice and peas as a side-dish! BOO! (but their secret is out, there were less peas left over than there was rice) YAY!

Bedtime – my eyes were so heavy, yet my tummy grumbled on. There were frantic phone calls from abroad, there were detailed phone calls locally, a few missed calls which may end in a good friend being drafted into the army. If you are reading this I AM SORRY IN ADVANCE!

There is one hour left to this day. For me at least. I want to treat myself and sadly  and most pathetically, I think it’s just gonna’ be me shaving my legs – it’s the small things folks!

I am not sure I accomplished anything today – it sure doesn’t feel like it. No one went to bed crying, that’s a plus. My nephew is getting married probably around now so alls well that ends well I guess. (I think I used that phrase right).

If you’re still reading this you may be thinking there might be some funny line or great message…and of course, it would be rude of me to disappoint.


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