To Indonesia, With Love

Ode to Indo

Dearest Indonesian fan, I know you’re out there somewhere.

Along with Japan and Germany and perhaps one day, Saint Pierre (and Miquelon).

For now I’ll settle for India and Nepal, to be quite honest, I’m shocked that all

the amazing countries that represent the one-time visits to my vent (ing)

station, where I blurt and whine and share.

All my wonderful thoughts out loud and stories of my underwear.

(Ping Alert: Easy Peasy Mac & Cheesy)

I often talk about the things I hate or weird products that makes me giggle.

The stuff that freaks me out the most are foods that shake & jiggle.

(Ping Alert: Apple Pie With Skins. Why?!?)

You would know these things if you just return, I promise I won’t fail ya’

You can join the ranks with my friends Canada & Australia!

They come back to visit me along with Belgium and Tunisia,

One and done like my friend Jamaica? He suffers from amnesia.

There is no WAYZ there is no map, you kinda’ just need to come back!

I fear you may be just like those that ‘like’ my tales of cooking dishes,

At least check twice like Brazil! Not once like that dude Mauritius.

I trust that you my dear Indo will see the words of wisdom,

that fall from my brain onto the screen just like that guy in Brisbon (I know that doesn’t ryhme).

The End.

Oh and by the way, if this is you, we don’t HAVE to be besties.


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