WSOW – 9/19/12 – Happy New Year!

I never did get to go to one of those cool New Year’s Eve parties where everyone counts down and then there is kissing as the ball drops. Oh, you’re not from NY? Well, that’s what everyone there does. I was actually at Times Square one year for the ball dropping in the Big Apple! If you are reading this and remember being with me, remind me. It was that memorable, clearly. All I remember is being in a crowd, holding hands with the person in front of me (somewhere) as we snaked our way OUT of the crowd. Hmm, who WAS I with? Everyone seemed taller than me (not that hard to accomplish) and I was feeling a wee bit traumatized, claustrophobic and anxious to get out of the crowd, but hey, I can check that off my bucket list ;).

OK – I don’t really have a bucket list. Who came up with this name btw? I’ll need to Wiki that. We have coined so many terms these days, I think I’ll add that to my bucket list. Think of a word I can coin. (I’d google it – but according to Google, you’re not supposed to use google as a verb).

So it’s Weird Stuff On Wednesdays: I choose to write about Coining, Buckets and New Years. How can I connect the dots? Read on friends and followers, read on. As the Jewish New Years rolls in, we are all about reflection, introspection, some of us who turned 40 – even detection. How about thinking of ways to better ourselves? I’ve mentioned this in that last few posts and obviously its still on my mind.

So the bucket list contains things you wish to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ which means die. But after reading terrible tragedies of a couple strolling that got hit by a car and a baby that drowned in a toilet and so on, the truth is we never know when that day is, so there are those that feel they should seize every day as if it’s their last, the only problem with that is there is never enough money to just DO what you WANT to do. Responsibilities get in the way, in a good way, but I digress nonetheless.

This is what popped into my mind: Weird but true.

(well – every time I try to add the photo it deletes the rest of my post…boo! There was a naked mannequin holding a scale of buckets of gold coins on either end, imagination needed here peeps.)

Almost exactly, however minus the naked mannequin. We weigh our pros and cons, good deeds and bad deeds, we make money we lose money and we try to keep an even balance. Every day (some of us) try to pray that we live to see another day and that it is a healthy one and a prosperous one. We don’t often feel guilty for the ‘sins’ we commit right away because we justify doing them in the first place.

“That guy dropped a dollar, once it hit the floor, technically it became public property.”

“I ate like a pig because I was just so hungry after the race.”

“I fried the ants with my magnifying glass because I was 8 yrs old and that’s what magnifying glasses are for right?” – I thought of MAGNIFRY – but someone beat me to it – it’s a bit too gross to coin anyway – oh well.

So really I was only guilty of the last example but I vowed after that summer, on a Yom Kippur that I would NEVER do it again. So I didn’t. But I’d still watch other neighborhood kids do it. Why why why?

Let’s be honest with one another shall we? If frying ants is the worst we’ve done, we’re okay right? Justify, justify, justify.

We can always strive to be better, for each person that means something else. A better student, a better child, a better parent, a better driver, a better listener, a better sore loser, a better dieter.  (I can hear Chubby now, shushing me…) wish to send love and peace to all. Seeds of (pomegranate) Peace, lots of coins to count, and more happy new year’s resolutions, parties and an ant farm for your kids. C’mon, its’ only $2.98



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