What’s In A Name?


https://i0.wp.com/www.fisher-price.com/Resources/images/bio-jake-justice.gif Jake Justice was born to rescue. That’s what his Fisher Price bio says. My oldest son LOVED to play with his Rescue Heroes as a 4-year-old and his little brother, now the same age, spent all morning maneuvering these weirdly big-footed heroes in all sorts of dangerous positions.

My older son also managed to rename our neighbor and friend, Jacob. He was known from that moment on as Jake ‘N Justice. 9 years later though we rarely see him, we still refer to him as such.

Fast forward 10 years and my younger son managed to do almost the same thing. It’s so weird! It’s not exactly the same thing but like I mentioned, almost. We had a friend over whose name is Mattan. For some reason though, our little guy named him Byona. It’s not even remotely the same. What was our 4 year-old thinking? We kept correcting him, telling him our friend’s name and he was not budging though, he called him, referred to him, and got upset when we didn’t call him Byona.

As parents, sometimes we remember to write down all the funny mispronunciations our children say as little tykes so that when we look at their baby books we’ll smile and remember when…sometimes we don’t. Oopsies.

There are some other wacky things ‘The Baby’ has come up with too. A ceiling fan is called an agaza. We have no clue why. At first we thought maybe he was speaking Hebrew…nope, it’s just his made up gibberish. Even now, when he is older and knows the proper words for certain things, like a fan, he refers to it as the silly name he came up for it, for whatever reason. I wonder if we’ll ever find out how he decided on them. I think it’s really important to let children use their imagination and we should respect some of their choices. We all call it an agaza now. Yes, we are weirdos.

While I listened to him play with his Rescue Heroes this morning I thought of Jake N’Justice and of Byona and all the other amazing people who have come and gone in the last 9 years since moving to Israel. There is Big Benji (because he is so tall) and Pardo (his {not-really} original last-name), Mo (but everyone calls him that), Shawtay, Barbar, Melish, Sammy (short for Samantha), Talz, RAF, Naider, Goalie, Veevs, and so many others. While thinking about everyone and where they are today, I realized the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I made up some of these nicknames too, and while I KNOW why I chose (or other’s chose) those names, I realized it’s because we share a bond. We give nicknames to those we love, or at least that’s why I do it.

My own nicknames have included, Junior, Booger (I never liked that one much, but it’s close to what my maiden name sounds like), Cherold, Ippy-Louise (oh those Greek and Roman literature classes in college…), and many more that I called my friends like Shwez and Chachi.

I like nicknames, each of my children have one. I think of them as terms of endearment. While this post is not wrought with emotion or attempting to be funny, it’s making me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I miss all those people and look forward to a time when we can all be together, here in Israel, as neighbors and continue to make many more memories.

Wishing everyone a great weekend, Chubby



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