Our Booth Was Blessed

Tonight is the last night of Booth Week. Over the weekend we had 2 nephews, their cousin, our cousin, a super-duper cool neighbor and her awesome and famous friend visit our booth. I made some really yummy food that almost got finished and a sweet strawberry soup that was really refreshing in the heat of the day.

We also got to celebrate with lots of friends in another booth at the end of the block for a variety of fun events, like a young couple’s engagement and parents making aliyah (moving to Israel) and a birthday party, it was basically a block booth party (say that 10x fast).

While I didn’t feel overly hot I caught quite the sunburn on my face and now my nose hurts when I wrinkle it. I know, then don’t wrinkle it.

http://www.catnapin.com/Critters/Butterfly/Tiger%20Moth,%20Grammia%20nevadensis,%20Floyd%20(1)_small.jpgWhile all this is an extremely entertaining account of our weekend, she said sarcastically, the best part of the weekend is when we were attacked by a vicious looking moth. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, it was more like a dangerous sounding moth. The Tiger Moth. Or professionally known as Grammia Nevadensis. She looked so beautiful when she rested on our canvas walls.

https://i0.wp.com/www.whatsthatbug.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/great_tiger_moth_amy.jpgBut when she decided to take flight, this meaty creature was aiming for the light but landed too close to one of my daughters and did she screech, my daughter not the moth. Enough to scare Grammia to my side of the table where it hit me in the head, so of course I scream out with an: Aaaahhhhh heheheh aaaahhh”. So she moved on to my son, the boy, the teenager who gave a deep resounding “Bleehhhh” when she approached too close. Her wings all aflutter at rapid moth speed she hit the light, came towards my nephew…who was super brave and macho and giggled at how ridiculous we all sounded. My 7-year-old complained that she was following her, first in the front of the house, then in the park and now in our booth…to which I explained the possibility of perhaps there was more than one moth. With her puffy cheeks and big blue eyes and pouty lips and eyebrows drawn in anger she was adamantly opposed and convinced it was one and the same.

Finally Tiger Moth decided we were too loud for her, she frantically found her way onto the nephews’ cousin’s hat and cousin came to the rescue and brought her outside. We all sighed, and sang  in celebration. Well we really sang because it was the Sabbath and there was harmony and guests and tea and cake. All in all it was a great way to end the holiday and enter into another starting tomorrow night.

On goes the cooking, and the creativity when it comes to meal planning and dessert making. Any suggestions?