Mud Boggin’ = Mind Bogglin’

Well, for all the many years people teased me for being named Cheri Lynn, I can honestly say today we’ve hit an all time hick high. Yesiree. The Baby asked me if he could watch an episode of mud boggin’. At first I heard ‘Mudboggin” and thought maybe it was the name of a new cartoon…but I was wrong. Basically its a sport where one takes their ATV or “4-Wheeler” romping through the mud. The cleaner you start the better it is/ the muddier you get the more fun you have (apparently) and there is an art for how stupid one can get. Tricks like poppin’ wheelies, dragging your siblings behind in a tube, standing on a vehicle that is in motion (and the list goes on) is what makes the mud boggin’ even better for these country fellers. I can’t understand but I think this is a Redneck activity. (Is using the term ‘redneck’ offensive/ inappropriate?, If so, I’m sorry). There was a clip from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, with her family that we saw, my child loving every second of it, of course, but all I could think was, is this for real? Yes, yes, yes it is. There are really people in the world that do this for fun. To me it looks dangerous and risky and I am confused by it. Seriously. This is something I will probably NEVER want to do. I’m not a princess, but I don’t like romping in the mud either. I think the closest I’d get to mud is for a facial mask, and even that’s a maybe. Also, DO NOT START WATCHING THAT SHOW, I mean it. So now of course all day I’ve been thinking about this reality show family and part of me really wants to watch what else they do…why is that???? I need help. Or I am the demographic. The editors of this program knew what to choose and now my brain is saying, “hey, don’t you want to watch them, well, doncha?” And, yes I do. I studied this very thing in college and yet I fall prey to the marketing tricks just as easily as I’d be able to create them.

Here is what I find most frustrating. It boggles my mind that I am just as susceptible as the next guy. I am trained in this area to sell an item, product or service to the masses and I am no better than the next consumer. I was in the states for a mere 10 days I was at the end of my shopping when I was meandering through a cute store called Charming Charlies. They sold, bags and hats, watches and jewelry, scarves and probably clothing, and lots of other accessories. I just wanted one in every color of everything! I don’t need them, but everything was enticing. From the way they were displayed to the fun looking price-tags. Can we say a collective, “SUCKA”. I only bought a hat but I had this overwhelming sensation to purchase a ton more. I knew then that it was time to come home. I was having a panic attack and kept thinking, well if I lived in America this wouldn’t be expensive but quadrupling the price in shekel made my heart beat 4 times faster as well. In Israel, there is no Sunday so I generally don’t have the extra time to hang out at the mall for shopping like I did when I lived abroad. Now, every time I think about spending any money its because there’s a purpose behind it. My daughter NEEDS a pair of sneakers so I go to the shoe store, not the mall.

We are by nature a creature that has wants, needs and desires. We also have the ability for self control. It’s when our needs (or in Hebrew we’d say, our yetzer hara, our evil inclination) get to be out of control, and get the better of us, when we don’t listen to our inner voice when it’s screaming, “Enough Is Enough”!

Sure we can live on bread and water and wear the same 2-3 outfits a week and wash our clothing by hand and walk everywhere we need but we like the comfort of an easier lifestyle. Sometimes I think we are too smart for our own good. We’ve created the most sophisticated modes of transport, communication and technology and only the wealthiest purchase this type of lifestyle without feeling the pinch. When it comes right down to the heart of the matter, those of us who can’t afford to buy all these expensive toys make our fun the old fashion way, gettin’ down and dirty, going back to the basics, and apparently jumping in puddles of mud!


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