WSOW: Just Get Over It

Mixing it up today with Weird Stuff on Wednesdays and what’s on my mind…

When is it time to let go?

Letting go of something that makes you mad, or sad, or frustrated is probably the hardest thing to do. For some reason the intense emotions are what propels us to continue on a (most probably unhealthy) journey to nowhere.

These feelings are necessary but generally NOT conducive to living each moment productively. These feelings help us sort out what bothers us and kind of leads the path to possibly better understanding each other and most importantly ourselves. How we treat these feelings and how we react to others will shape our relationships and possibly alter the course of our lives.

If there is one thing I’m generally good at, its letting things go quickly and not harboring negativity. I hate feeling angry or jealous for too long, it makes me feel icky and I am convinced that’s when my skin goes all wonky and I break out and sometimes get all splotchy.

When I get REALLY angry, my ears get really hot and red and my cheeks are infused with their pinkish hue (more than normal) and my neck gets speckled, it’s bad. I can’t hide my feelings and it’s a shame, I’d rather have a poker face and be able to control those things but I simply can’t. It rarely happens because like I said I try to avoid getting to THAT point, but when it does happen, I can even hear my inner voice screaming at me, “JUST GET OVER IT!”


So, yes, obviously something recently happened and its making me think – others must go through what I go through when I get all eye-twitchy, right?

Without going into details, I have a very short fuse when I am the recipient of rudeness and disrespect. When this happens I do the usual, count to 10 in my head, or bite my tongue, imagine punching the person in the nose, the usual. BUT there are better ways to de-stress other than imagining pushing the other person off a cliff.

Here are some of the weird items I found on the internet that can help a person relax.

This poster is like the Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Stress.

There is nothing here that any normal person hasn’t already thought of when you are stuck in an angry rut. Oh, and the first one, “Avoid stressful situations” reminds me of that dumb joke my dad loves to tell: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this” and the doctor responds, “well, don’t do that”. DUH!

I love the line, “Change how you see the situation”, like you change anything when you are seeing red.

I also got a giggle thinking if I were a member of the Mafia my responses to these suggestions would be pretty funny. I wonder if members of the Mob go to anger management classes – new reality TV show? Maybe not.

Another helpful tool I found was this  Stress Reduction “Kit”. I can only assume that the person who made this was trying to be funny, but, um, the last line, #4 says, cease activity if you are unconscious which kinda’ happens on its own, doesn’t really need a mention. Now this guy on the right, has a great idea. I think everyone should carry one of these in their pockets and as soon as someone angers you, make this face at them while demonstrating exactly as shown in the picture. You can really get your message across without ever uttering a word or laying a hand on the offender.

There are lots of stress balls out there but this one intrigued me. Not sure why they advertise it as a Fantasy Ball. Also, I found it really funny that it was labeled under PU balls. I know, I know – so childish – whats with all the bathroom humor lately? After doing some research I understand the PU stands for Polyeurothan – which I probably misspelled but is what these balls are made of.

Real fur black changgushuan hair ball rabbit fur casual sports preppy style knitted horsehair color block one shoulder women's(China (Mainland))

The weirdest thing I saw though while researching other PU products was this nasty item.  Described exactly like this:

“Real fur black changgushuan hair ball rabbit fur casual sports preppy style knitted horse hair color block one shoulder woman’s.”

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Wikipedia has no clue what changgushuan is either, but to be honest, I’d never want a hair ball of any kind on my preppy-style (not that I can remember) knitted horse-hair (ew), anything. Ever.

Well, just writing about this I smiled a lot and feel less stressed, which I noticed helps. Smiling that is. Also, I’m thinking that, perhaps I’ll just purchase Miss Rude of the Year the latest changgushuan purse and convince her that it’s all the rage in some remote European village. You never know, trends start somewhere!


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