If I Were A Duchess, I’d Still Wear Fleece

I do have a small obsession with watching fashion, never really subscribing to following the trends personally, but in my ladies magazines or reality tv, I am addicted to following the celebrities styles or hairdos.

For as long as I can remember, I have almost always had “good” hair-days. If we can block out the whole I-want-to-look-like-my-cousin summer hair-do mentioned here: Hair Today, Idiot Tomorrow and the aftermath of the growing out phase, minus the times I cut my bangs too short…(happened more often than not, now that I am thinking about it)…BUT in general, my hair was good to me.

As a married religious Jewish woman I have decided to cover my hair with a variety of different kerchiefs, scarves, bandannas, something called a pre-tied, and sometimes with a thing called a snud (pronounced: snood -featured above)…they are basically the same things that come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes I’ll wear a hat too. On occasion, I will wear a wig. I won’t go into the aspects of why some women cover all, or some cover part or some decide to head-band it loosely with a scarf, giving the person an artsy, flowy look.That’s not for me. I like to cover most of it and I like wearing hair.

The first time I went wig shopping was kind of a weird experience. My mother never covered her hair so it was all sort of new for me. I was luckily pointed in a good direction and sent to a wig-maker that knew her craft and I walked away with 3 beautiful pieces that I could wear at various affairs, and if I were ever to get a job after moving to DC where my husband was studying in graduate school. For a while it was fun dressing up and deciding which to put on depending on my mood or outfit.

Kate Middleton gets bangs

While I am older now and generally follow the same pattern, after 15 years of marriage I purchased a new wig and decided I wanted a more youthful but wearable look. I knew what I wanted, and had seen a similar look on some of my friends and it reminded me of a younger me. I used to have long hair with bangs that I eventually grew out as I got older. So, even though I knew it would be costly for a longer piece, I’d stayed moderate and I found a wonderful French wig-maker that basically built my new wig from scratch. She picked the hair, sewed it together, and after our fitting, where she teased me mercilessly about being so “American” (which she translated as having the need to look glamorous – as if, I am currently wearing a fleece hoodie) we decided on a color match. She dyed it, cut it, styled it and I looked ALMOST like this: THAT is Kate Middleton, (taken from the site SheKnows), …um she is a duchess and we have the same hair style.


It’s pretty close.

It’s similar.

She’s just stunning, and well okay I probably really look nothing like her.

Here is a picture of me this past summer, after getting the wig for my son’s Bar Mitzvah:

Well, Kate, who is following who now? (English teachers beware, I think there was supposed to be a “whom” in that sentence). I wonder if the Brits know about our hair trends. By ‘our’ I mean the religious 20-40 year old women that are now cloning each other. I don’t need to be unique anymore in this specific area, I just want to feel good and be comfortable in a look I love and love to wear every day! Which I do. I also like that me and Kate are twinsies. I hope she feels the same. If you know her, please share this on her FaceBook wall, and please let her know I am available for tea time.


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