And Now The Girl’s A “Woman”

Didn’t I just throw a party for my son becoming a “man”? Now before I was ready, I made a party for my daughter entering into a world (that truthfully she has already been a part of for some time anyways) where she is responsible for her own actions.

When I think of her, I have the image of the Tom & Jerry cartoon…angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. She obviously being the angel. She is my moral compass. She always knows right from wrong and stays on the right side of that moral divide. She apologizes for her siblings because she knows they might not. She offers to help when no one else does. She is quick to respond when anyone asks for assistance. She is thoughtful and caring and kind.


She is respectful and listens to authority. She is shy and sweet. She is pretty, a good friend, and always gives in first.

She is making me feel old even though she is still so small. I must have said that once out loud while thinking about her stage in life and how it made me think of mine and she tried to console me. That’s who she is. Always putting others before herself.

We love her more than we love ourselves sometimes because we can see, feel, share in her goodness.

We were invited to our good friends for Shabbat lunch and so we decided to bake like we do every other week. We started the preparations for the challah, made the blessing (prayed for our sick friend even though she looked anything but sick to me at lunch the next day) using oil instead of margarine. FYI, as dough goes, you can’t always do that (so I’ve just recently learned). The dough was slippery and hard to handle so we basically made balls and stuck them next to each other so that they’d rise and bake together (hopefully). They came out weird and dense but we brought one over anyway and am happy to report it was mostly eaten.

I’ve always been quite the observer. Watching closely not saying much, taking it all in. This is what I observed after much thought, on auto-replay in my head the last few weeks.

You can not judge a book by its cover.

Even though that is EXACTLY how I choose to read books by the way, but I may change because of my new revelations. I know she is ill, but you can not tell. She did not stop moving from the time we got there until the time we left. She never asked for help, even though my little woman was quick to offer and help serve food and clear the table. My friend’s husband kept us laughing through the meal, which had so many wonderful dishes and sides and dipping sauces,  it was a truly a festive feast. While it was a drizzle-y day and grey outside, I was warmed from within from our lunch. I am still thinking about it and it’s Monday. I’m still smiling watching it on auto-replay in my head. We often think things are unfair because we can’t see the bigger picture. We often complain because want some sort of affirmation or consolation. Misery loves company but so does joy.

My wishes for everyone today is that you look for the good in everything. Think beyond yourself.

Put others before you.  Love to the fullest. Give when you can.

May we all live blessed lives and continue to share in each other’s joy.



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