FaceBook Time Travel

It is unbelievable the amount of time I ‘waste’ on following my friend’s feeds or reading articles that they post or videos that they link. While I am fascinated by everything and really use this feed as my new source as well, not just for silly stuff and gossip, I often justify the amount of time I spend. Sometimes I get caught up in looking at their cat’s amazing feat videos – which is cute, I guess, but definitely a waste of my time and better judgement. But, then, there are times when one thing leads to another, as is typical when one is surfing the internet, and you find something that makes you think, inspires you to write and giggle, and takes you back to a different time in your life when a dress like this (featured left) was in style. But wait, it gets better, this is a dress that is currently selling by someone with celebrity status…which naturally will make it trendy somewhere (probably LA) today! The cowl neck? Seriously? The color scheme and pattern of this frock have sent my neurons a-flurry. Not in a good way. I guess this is what is called retro. I did have a sweater dress, once. I did wear these patterns and color schemes, once. It was called the 70’s.

Chevron Hallmark - Human Energy™

While any gorgeous model looks amazing in anything you throw on her, because she is gorgeous, this particular outfit placed on any housewife with a muffin top or a double chin? – this piece is a no-no. Not like I’m the expert. We’ve covered that ground how I should never be regarded as a fashionista, but I do know what the average mom probably would say about this if she saw it on the racks in Macy’s. Labeled as ‘multicolored chevron stripe decoration’ – last time I checked Chevron was a company dedicated to producing safe energy. Perhaps because of Chevron’s logo? The name of this pattern was born…artists are so weird. Designers fall into the category of artist – and don’t get me wrong… I LOVE DESIGNERS AND DESIGN SHOWS, for realz…sadly. I do have some anti-very-negative-feelings about artists. They are weird. Okay, now I know I sound elitist a bit by condemning artists and cat videos, but I’m not, I accept that we are all a bit weird in some way or another.

Now, thanks to my FaceBook tour, today I have hit the fashion industry once again…which I am so fascinated by but haven’t a clue how to subscribe to it myself personally. I have been thrown back into the 70’s where this image came to my mind. Not exactly – since I don’t know those 2 models – but they could have been my mom and me. I sported those pigtails (and ribbons – see Losing to Iris Melman) and my mom had a similar hairdo. Plus, as a side-note, my parents have an afghan still today that looks like the same pattern displayed on the cover of this issue of Grannies. Aah the memories.
I  do love a good vest though. If I were a total gaming nerd, I’d so wear this Mario knitted vest.

When I was shopping one winter in NYC, I managed to pick up a holiday motif sweater that a wonderful Chinese sales clerk sold to me referring to it as my “Chwitzmas Swetta” – not even trying to be funny. When I told  her I was Jewish she exclaimed that she could not sell it to me in good conscious. I was a bit taken aback because now, of course, I HAD TO HAVE THAT SWEATER on principle. It wasn’t like there were any religious significant knitted designs on it. There were snowflakes. Sure enough I purchased the hideous thing – that reverse psychology worked wonders on me, the stupid consumer that I was, and I even wore said cardigan on a blind date once. Man, that train of thought is just like internet searching. One thing leading to another, when you end up someplace you really hadn’t planned on going. It’s for this reason that I love FaceBook (well one of the many). I do learn a lot and often use Wikipedia to search for terms like ‘moonbat” and “speculative realism”.  I love that FB takes me back in time and helps me remember all those stories and amazing fashions and music when I was a kid from the 70’s.
clothing of the 70s chevron stripesIts no “Back to the Future” but its pretty fun to look back and appreciate where we’ve come from and even more so appreciate where we are now, which after about 45 years is pretty much where we left off. Too bad these dresses aren’t made in afghan-wool-sweater-wear…I could have started a new chevron sweater trend…maybe.

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