The Day After The Day After The Day After ‘New Years’…

…is the day I start following my “resolutions”.

If you did the math correctly that would bring us to 1-3-13. Such a fun date! For me, ‘New Years’ came and went without so much as remembering it was a ‘thing’…until I opened up Facebook. Being a religious Jew living in Israel – it was just a regular workday. No biggie. Even though I still celebrate my “English” birthday and use the dates just like most people around the world, I was oblivious all day – until… I opened up Facebook. EVERYONE, I mean all my Jewish friends were posting about their New Years plans and resolutions and I was shocked. It wasn’t OUR New Year – that happened in September…and I just couldn’t believe that so many religious people I knew were planning serious celebrations and posting about their new years resolutions.

I guess I just forgot what it was like. There was that one time I went to see the ball drop in the Big Apple. Great story, btw…check it out in the section for Weird Stuff On Wednesdays.

I noticed a lot of my friends posting pictures with glasses that resembled these:

People are so goofy – why has this become a custom? Is it because everyone is drunk? I’m not sure but it made me think of something else weird that I just recently saw…another kind of glasses but way cooler! Fashion is weird, I’ve said it many times before but this new accessory was made by Google! Too bad they won’t be ready until 2014! Check this article out.

Also, were these models specifically told to suck in their cheeks and purse their lips? What’s the deal?

So I started researching some other unique glasses…I found this little cannoli.

And this pair of solar glasses:

She looks like a fly, right?

If I were a kid, I’d like these bicycle glasses:

or this is what I imagine my friend Ali would look like if she had these butterfly glasses as a kid:

   Here is Ali today

P.S. She is the coolest blogger-mom-fashionista-editor-model-hipster-chick-photographer I know.

(Check out her blog: Cheaper Than Therapy).

The most unusual glasses that I’ve ever seen and clearly the winners as far as Coolest Collection Ever belong to Elton John and Dame Edna

So now, it is technically the 6th day after “new years”. I have made no resolutions, because well, honestly? Every time I’ve ever made them I end up being a big fat liar. It’s not because I don’t want to keep my promises to myself…it’s more likely because I despise exercising, a year is a long time to commit to something really hard to keep (like a promise to exercise daily) and whenever I say I want to lose those extra pounds I end up gaining more…probably having something to do with not exercising…and liking pie.

So I’ve made some promises to myself that I can really keep. The first was to start using my skills in the field I actually have a degree in – way to wake up Chubby – 20 years later! Another was to join groups and learn new things. So far I am 2 for 2. 6 days in huh? Smashin’ it.

The message of the day is not how to start collecting an eclectic eye glasses collection – that’s just silly.

The message is: Set goals that are attainable. Seems easy enough, but we forget that we can not always handle the bigger goals even if it’s what we really want. Making a list of small achievable goals perhaps towards a larger more encompassing goal is the road better well-traveled. I like to succeed. I like knowing that if there is a task I want to complete, I can do it as long as I set myself up properly, with reasonable resources and proper time management. This year, my aim is to think big, plan slowly.

Good Luck with all your resolutions, may this year bring you much success in all your endeavors, and yes, that is a direct quote from my 8th grade yearbook!



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