Snow, Baby! Or Snowbaby

Yay – that meant 2 days off for me. While I had to stay late on Tuesday evening to cover for the time I’d be missing, it was worth it. I got a cool cabbie and invited his whole family for the weekend…thats the thing about Israeli’s – you can do that and its not considered weird. He also declined but called me ‘motek’ which is a term of endearment meaning sweetie. I couldn’t wait long enough to jump into my jammies and start going mind-numb.

Waking up to a blistery hailish rainy day, I checked the kids’ schools websites and was annoyed that I got dressed only to decide that it was too risky to make the drive to Jerusalem…plus the kids ended up getting out early so it was good I stayed back…then the snow came – and left, and returned and finally I called my husband and warned him to make it back before things got worse – see here, they close the roads when it gets dangerous – I wanted him with us not stuck in Jerusalem, but didn’t rush him so much as to ask him to make a grocery run of we got caged in for a few days!

Yes, its true. There was lots of snow here in the Judean Hills over the last few days. Its thawing out today and the sun is shining bright making everything look all glimmery and watery and pretty but make no mistake, its still so so cold! While some countries and some very wealthy people have hot water all the time, some of us less fortunate have to wait for our water to heat up so we can wash dishes without freezing our fingers and we try not to waste too much either so we only use the water when necessary.

So as tradition would have it I am preparing the festive meal for the Holy Sabbath and every time I need to wash, cut, peel, slice, wash veggies or dishes I have been using the cold water so that the kids can have a nice hot bath. I took mine nice and early so that I wouldn’t get the royal screwgie! All the while in my kitchen with tunage playing in the background I started making a big pot of chicken soup while looking out over the snowy landscape.

As my house is clean and the aroma of the Shabbat dinner is wafting from room to room I recall the snowdaddy we made yesterday. I honestly have never made a snowman from beginning to end before and fro some reason I was determined yesterday and made a replica of my husband as he was year one into our marraige. But I, as usual could not just leave it at one, I added a snowbaby…I think his old EPA t-shirt says the message pretty well. REINVENTION…


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