DOGgone Days

I’m feeling so very sleepy which I wholly attribute to the 3rd cup of chamomile tea I am currently sipping. My throat hurts and THAT’S why I’m even drinking tea. I’m not British and grew up drinking tea for only one reason, because my throat hurt. Today is no different, and I can hear Grandma Mildred urging me to drink tea with honey because of its soothing effect. I have no honey honey so I used sugar sugar. Even though I feel like garbage and my day feels blankety-blank and that it won’t get any better there was something that happened recently that made me laugh because well, I thought it was ridiculous. I do feel bad for laughing out loud at the time because there were other people who ARE dog lovers there as well and they were being totally 100% serious.

Natural Scents Crisp Apple Cologne Dog Deodorant 118ml

This was the scenario: Teenage girl holding her dog, scrunching up her nose asking generally,  “Is there such a thing as doggy deodorant”? Baaahhaahaaa out of my mouth. Then someone who is a major dog lover and dog owner completely seriously said, yes there was. Of course I had to check it out for myself. Naturally I found lots of Johnson & Johnson products  – they make shampoo so it’s a bit obvious that they’d make a shampoo line for dogs but what I found absurd and hysterical and mad funny was this bottle of BIO-GROOM cologne for dogs. M’kay, why are we calling it cologne? Also clearly marked on the bottle is the name of the line. Natural Scents…last time I checked dogs are not naturally supposed to smell like crisp apple. There are other scents like White Ginger and Wild Honeysuckle….seriously folks, we are not talking about a pouch of potpourri, we are talking about pongy pooches.

Dogs are supposed to smell like dogs…maybe like grass or kind of earthy but spraying them with something that looks truly like cologne is hysterical. What has become of us? This is another like product on the market that I can appreciate from an advertising perspective but consumers, c’mon! K-9 – that’s clever, appropriately named but the packaging looks like it’s for men!

Now on my search I found a company called Bull Dog – but they sell man deodorant. It took me a while to figure that out. Here is their logo

Fresh roll-on deodorant from Bulldog so of course after seeing it I thought it was funny that it should say natural skin care – dogs are covered with FUR, how would this even work?? Then I read an article on The Grocer about this product that you can feel free to read for yourselves but I highlighted a paragraph that I thought was, um, to say the least, sketchy. With a company name like Bull Dog, you’d expect the founders to have more manly names. I am sure they are real (wink), but they kind of sound made up to me. I’ve  read and re-read this paragraph trying not to laugh.

“We’re using eight amazing essential oils rather than cheap artificial fragrances,” said Simon Duffy, who founded the business with Rhodri Ferrier in 2006. “Our natural formulations mean we’re not using controversial ingredients that many men are looking to avoid.”

“Amazing essential oils”… for men? And since when are men looking at the ingredients of their deodorant? Were there so many men looking to avoid using “controversial ingredients”? I would have liked to see a list of those – interesting – though I stopped my internet research at finding an expose on controversial ingredients for men’s roll-on deodorant – but I do reserve the right to explore that on another Wednesday.

Okay so back to dogs and their funky odor products I came upon a spray that DOES sound like something one should buy for their dog. Aminology’s STINK BOMB!Pinned Image The only problem I had was with the description of this product…they used the words sleek, swish and shiny to sell the consumer on purchasing it. Like the bottle really matters if your dog is stinking up your house. The best part about this product, besides its awesome name is one of the reviewers remarks. He claimed it didn’t work more than 30 minutes on his pup. He was in the minority but still, that’s the warning light people. Stop being suckered into buying dumb stuff. If your dog stinks, wash it. Just like your dishes or your clothing.

Now, I know I may sound harsh because the truth is, I do like the house or my clothing smelling like vanilla or lavender just like the next girl. I just think it’s funny when people dress up their pets in funny costumes, or clothing. I think its funny when people treat their pets like people. I almost always find it funny when people get suckered into buying things they really don’t need. Like Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorizing Spray – I swear it’s a real thing . The product, not the magic, people.

Good luck keeping your dogs smelling pretty and looking poofy.

PS – I know its only Tuesday but I couldn’t wait to post this until tomorrow. (plus I have a business meeting set-up. Hot Diggity Dog!


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  1. LAughing!!!! I ALWAYS tell Jon how NO ONE used to drink tea unless they were sick. Same goes for Seltzer (for the stomach). I HATE when people treat dogs like people, sometimes we barely treat people like people why don’t we focus on that!?
    Good luck with your meeting!

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