Blingitty Bling

This is gonna’ be one of those weird ones. I came across a great product – but I get that it’s not going to make everyone laugh. For us wig-wearers,  this is a new-ish item. I absolutely adore it, but would never buy it for myself. A blinged out head for my wig. Glitz and glamour for my golden locks as they rest for the night…silly little trinket, even looking at it makes me happy. I like the shimmer and shininess of it. There is a whole line of colors and styles, just by clicking on the photo, you’ll feast your eyes on more.

I can just see it now, quick someone buy me the Bedazzler for when I am ready to retire to Miami and make my own rose designed sweatsuits. But in all seriousness, even as little girls we females like to bling things out. I can recall Chubby stuffing her ampleness into her Sergio Valente jeans with the bedazzled back pocket. Here, let’s go back in time.

There she was in her new Sergio Valente bedazzled jeans, round and round gaining speed on the corners at the local roller rink. She could do the hokey pokey with the best of them and even attempted to win the limbo contest. Her favorite was the corner game…remember the DJ would call out a number and you had to skate to the corner as quickly as you could? She was fast even though she was chubby. No one missed her, whizzing by with matching ribbons in her pigtails, she had a glitzed out back pocket but popped her trouser button when she bent too low one day…those were the days. Her mama should have started her on sweatpants then., there is just something about shiny items that women love. We’ve jazzed up our cell phones and  their cases. Our clothing. Our accessories. Our jewelry. Our shoe-wear – (go Keds!) Our jean vests, or jean anything, hello! We’ve even gone as far as bedazzling our upholstered items like couch pillows. ( I think that may be overdoing it though).

As Seen On TV 'The Mini Bedazzler Tool' I think this is a great gift, the mini Bedazzler. Not too expensive and the ad even says small enough to fit in your purse…you know, for those times, when you are in a need to bedazzle crisis, DUH!

We’ve bejewelled our fingernails. Our faces. Even Our Teeth!!! Not Joking – check it out. Seriously, I think we’ve all gone a bit mad. It’s one thing to like a little glitz and glam but it’s another thing to go over the top, spend lots of money on things that are above and beyond what is ‘normal’.

I remember once, wearing a gown that was so heavily beaded that it weighed me down and I found it hard to move and dance and truly enjoy myself (even though I l thought I looked A-Mayzin’…looking back, not so much).

We’ve managed to cover the computer area, and our office needs,  our backpacksNwt Victoria's Secret Pink Limited Edition Bling Backpack Rainbow Bling Paillett Photothe inside of our cars

Aargh – the list goes on and on.  What have we done?  Just btw – I REALLY like the car bling…

See full size imageI am all over this look. I don’t know this fellow. I don’t understand why he is wearing this head-piece * at least I hope it’s a head-piece and not little gems hot-glued to his royal baldness. I feel like lots of women can get away with wearing a basic black dress and donning one of these coiffures with perhaps a little 20’s vibe  – ya’know the curl at the ear. That’s all you’d need to dress up the look!

It could be a thing. I’m no trendsetter so you won’t see me sporting this look  – but there is one thing I know. No matter what age we ladies are, from the beginning we are dazzled and amazed by shiny objects. They make us feel happy and so no matter what your business is people, if you cover it in glitter or hot-glue it with rhinestones (even though that was an epic fail for one dress-maker I had commissioned) you’ll have a product that will sell.

The last thing I saw was edible bling. Gross. People spraying gold or silver on doughnuts, pretzels, strawberries and chocolate. I wish I were joking. Way to ruin a good hot pretzel, huh?

All in all if there is one thing I learned from all my ‘research’ its that trends may come and go but one thing remains the same. Men, pay attention: WOMEN LIKE SPARKLY STUFF!!! ‘Nuff said.



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