My Own Little United Nations


These are all the countries that have currently viewed my blog. Heck, yeah, that’s a lot! I can’t even name them all – but I dare you to. I can’t actually pronounce them all either hee hee (insert awkward smirk).

It is humbling and rewarding and really truly satisfying. To know that what you have to say means something to someone who you’ve never met, will probably never ever ever meet is pretty cool. Even if Mr. Mauritius read one of my ridiculous entries related to Weird Stuff On Wednesdays and loved it because he is one step away from falling of his rocker makes no difference to me. As long as people think I am entertaining I shall continue my story telling.

I find it fascinating that the sentiments shared that are heartfelt and totally emotional are the ones that get the most hits. From a marketing perspective anyway, which is why I started writing a blog in the first place, it’s a really nice surprise. You are all part of my test – sort of (evil cackle), but now I just write because its therapeutic and feels great to share my thoughts with all my new and old friends. I love ‘meeting’ people through this venue and absolutely thrive in the networking department so it’s a make you feel good kinda’ thing. And I like that!

I’ve recently been doing lots of things I wanted to do for so long but sat on it. Why must we procrastinate?

One never benefits from delaying what he needs or wants to do.

This is not a small plug to say – ‘he look at me, I’m awesome’ *but feel free to add that if you so desire*, there are plenty of things I totally put to the back burner until I can’t stand it anymore. (To sum it up anything remotely having to do with exercise or housecleaning…) I want this to be an empowering message to all. In the words of Ya Kid K, “get up, get up, get busy do it, get up and move that body!” Don’t wait until you regret it. Take action and be productive. I always feel better after I do something I’ve been neglecting.


Setting up doctors appointments for the kids – maybe it’s just me I dunno’ but I always slack on this unless there is a persistent fever or dragon-breathed child breathing his/her stinky virus breath on me. Dentists appointments seem to always take a back seat to everything else – I HATE TAKING THEM FOR CLEANINGS and checkups – but I do, eventually.Β  After, I feel really good about myself as a responsible parent – and I pray they don’t have cavities because then that just means I’ll have to go back in less than 6 months!

But I digress. My point was in here somewhere – oh yeah, doing things that make you feel good about yourself.

Which brings me to recognizing the 53 countries that have so far visited my blog and for even sometimes returning. You all have inspired me to continue sharing my silly ol’ life and your feedback is priceless. I look forward to learning more about myself through this process and also to really exploring the world beyond my normal routine.

So kudos to you world, for recognizing me and giving me a voice and for all you lovely readers that keep encouraging me with your ‘likes’ and clicks and comments. Wishing you all a productive and wonderful day!



  1. And like wise to you!!! And when I read you also dislike taking your kids for check ups (I know how horrible that sounds)…I sat with a knowing smile, nodding my head like an evil old dude and feeling guilty at the same time. Weird feeling πŸ™‚
    Have a good one…see you around!

  2. Hey C,

    You know, this is my fav when I check my stats, too! I try to make sure my peeps are getting their questions answered about my/their weird diseases, but I HAVE to see the flags! I’m so cultural and would look at maps with my dad as a kid, so it’s the best. Btw, I dated this guy years ago who was born in British Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), then moved to S. Africa (go south), and then came to the States. Long story and really would like to not mention this guy–yuck! Anyway, his grandfather was from Mauritius when it was British. Then, I studied French before my vision went berserk and I had to keep reading about l’ile de Maurice (Mauritius), as it was also a French colony at one time. My great-grandfather became Maurice in America–do I have a bizarre connection to this little nation in the Indian Ocean, as well? Weirdest thing is I think Mauritius is one of the few places with internet access that hasn’t drifted onto my blog. Odd? They must be very healthy people over there… The whole island lifestyle. πŸ˜‰

    You’re so funny! Technotronic… so high school! Love it. πŸ˜‰ Also, I’m the one randomly roaming from the States tonight/today. I never know what I’ll get from your titles! Sneaky…

    Alisa πŸ™‚

    1. Grr i keep deleting me messages so much for smart phones! Thanks for teaching me stuff about Mauritious, who knew? Just popped back into blogworld, passover kept me pretty busy

      1. No worries! I’m gluten intolerant but just picked at some naan tonight–yes! I thought I lost you so glad you’re still around. I’m currently being harassed by a crazed, anti-Semitic evangelic on WP (what’s new?) and was screaming, “Where is Cheri?” A couple of M-O-Ts showed up–oh, I have to take it with a grain of kosher salt. You’re so lucky to be where you are! I’m hoping a plague showed up in a certain Western (bible-belt?) state a few days ago via my reply. Hahahaha.

        Keep in touch and go put your feet up, girl!
        Alisa πŸ™‚

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