Superbowl Monday & Social Media

I am so over it. I didn’t even watch it. I didn’t even know who was in it. My Facebook feed was enough to make me vomit of all day play by plays, or jokes because of the power outage, or who loved which halftime commercial. The best (she said sarcastically) was the debate about whether Beyoncé is the bomb or not because she is a singer, not a dancer…seriously? Who Cares!?!?! I love People and US Weekly just as much as the next girl but can’t we all agree that Beyoncé is an amazing performer? She has proven herself as a singer and felt like dancing instead – BIG DEAL PEOPLE!!!

In my house the day came and went like any other. Sunday, a regular day here in Israel (aside from the many posts I saw of friends figuring out where they were going late in the evening to watch it via Slingbox) was still a workday, a school day, a day for laundry and dishes and homework and regular appointments.

The very next day…Monday, the beginning of the work week for many others, however for us, just day 2. It was like a Facebook hangover, everyone still posting their thoughts and links regarding the Superbowl, ugh. I guess it’s better than political mentions or cat videos.

Keyboard_HelpThis side effect of social media, the repetition and random thoughts of EVERYONE, all the time at your fingertips is a double-edged sword for me. I love it, I hate it, I want to be a part of it.

So instead of fighting it, I choose to join in. However, it’s now technically Tuesday and I still see people posting about the Superbowl. About their parties, about the food they served, the articles post game day, the commercials and so on and so on. Argh. I am putting an end to it if I can.

So I did what anyone should do in this situation. Revert to YouTube. The one thing that takes my mind off anything I don’t want to think about is watching one of two things. Country music videos (no judging) and American Idol auditions ( I said, no judging). There is a purity in country music. The lyrics and heart that country singers have and sing with, hands down beat any other genre. And American Idol? Seriously the hopes that contestants come in with whether they are completely shaking with fear of rejection or full of bold confidence, they believe in themselves or someone else does, enough to give them the courage to be open to criticism and more importantly recognition. That’s feel good tv, imho. These are every day people wanting a chance at something bigger. A chance to change their lives.

Not like football. I think it encourages people to cheer, yes there is that in common and yes, they both need audiences to succeed but when I watch all those hopefuls go in and give it their all for a golden ticket and another opportunity to perform and possibly alter the course of their lives? That’s inspirational.

I want to busy my days with inspirational stuff. That is why I am immersing myself in this social media world. So far it has helped me meet new people, accept a few new jobs, given me a confidence and a world in where I can continue to explore things beyond my front door. Reading blogs has opened my mind to a world that I generally do not engage in. Thanks to Raunak, I know more culturally about others.

There are people creating magic out of food (like The Gush Gourmet and Sweet Little Thang), taking pictures from all over the world (like my friends Patrick Latter & Eyoälha and definitely Rona Black & Konstantine), submitting DIY and tutorials (like Sweet Jelly Bean) or personal stories (like Clotilda Jamcracker), creating music (like Right Beat Radio) or introducing me to fashion and style (like mode-sty and YMC) or great cartoons like Sophi & slapppshot.

I am inspired daily and that’s important shizzle, yo! (I’ll keep trying to pull phrases like that, poorly – sorry). I know, some people say I need help, I’m willing to agree. So help inspire me. Message of the day? Inspire Others. At least that’s what I try to do.


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  1. Lol well I was out at the movies for about the first 3 quarters but I caught the end. I like football but I can understand your thoughts! I’m certainly not the football-or-die type of guy, as I can never find much time to follow the season. But I do enjoy the competitiveness of the sport. Take care!

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