Rolling With The Punches…

…even if you get bruised and it hurts along the way. Disappointment can lead to depression and that’s never a good thing. Learning to turn around a negative situation or an event that took a turn for the worse that you had no contingency plan for is a really hard thing to do when you are emotionally involved.

When we want something badly enough, we do everything in our power to make it happen, but when we sit on our laurels or wait for intervention sometimes what we want seems unattainable. The good news is that sometimes there is a middle of the road option. Something that may work for everyone. But sometimes there is no option. What are you gonna’ do?

Making Lemonade. That’s what I do best. Well not actual lemonade (but most of you prob. caught on already). When something ‘bad’ happens to me, I generally don’t dwell on it for too long. I am quick to forgive, that’s just my nature. It’s never really easy though because there is a sense of disappointment that often lingers longer than I’d like it too. When that doesn’t go away fast enough, I get depressed. Not like,  call the doctor, I need a prescription – more like, I want to be in pajamas and zone out in front of dramas that make me cry, like Grey’s Anatomy…works every bleepity-bleeping time!

I want to be successful (which means something different to each person) and sometimes the path looks murky. Only after the fact is there some clarity and sometimes its just too late. The opportunity is lost and you can do one of two things. Dwell on the loss and be miserable or re-focus and plan again. My problem was I thought BIG and planned slowly, according to what I thought was a safe way to create the result I was looking for. I was wrong, so things didn’t end up the way I planned.

I went to a seminar this past week where one of the presenters gave me great insight. They said that there will be surprises that pop up, in life, in business, and you always  have a choice how you are going to handle it. Another presenter addressed this issue but also mentioned, turning the surprise into something different but that can also be profitable can be a good thing. So it may not be the original plan…but roll with the punches. Make lemonade.

I also watched a TED presentation and it was about happiness. How to achieve it…when the researcher, after 6 years and a breakdown, came to the conclusion that the people who were most vulnerable had better chances of opening themselves up and creating happiness which in turn equals success in my opinion.

The problem is that when we stumble,  sometimes we fall. Its getting back up that is the hardest part. How to start over when life seems muddled or our judgement seems clouded. We judge ourselves harshly and question our decision-making, but with the help of good friends and family, if we open up and let them in, we start to make a positive come-back.

Life is like that, I think. We make the best with what we are given, what we accomplish and smile sometimes even if it hurts.

Wishing everyone a productive, happy, successful weekend.



  1. There’s a lot to learn from the things that don’t go our way. And sometimes, although it may not feel like it at the time, it is a blessing.

  2. Excellent post. I used to be a roll with the punches type of person until I fell into a routine after college (“rut-tine,” as they said in HIMYM), and when things didn’t go right, I let myself fall deeper and deeper into depression until it seemed impossible to climb out of it. I did, and now when things don’t go my way, I see it as a learning opportunity, and I do what you do: make lemonade. 🙂

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