Weird? Yeah It Is!

רוצים להשלים שעות שינה? לחצו כאן!

Weird Thing #1: This is a product that someone told me about.  Its like the Elephant Man Pillow. So Bizarre! I can’t believe people would purchase it and NOT end up with a neck ache! Clever…and if there is a market out there kudos to the seller, but consumers> like I always say – we are suckers! This thing is ridic.

Weird Thing #2: Someone (a complete stranger/first time meeting them ever) recently mentioned they MUST get in touch with their Shiatzu guy…why do I need that information? It was so random!!! Also, it’s weird what people MUST do and why they MUST tell you. I’m good with banter so I managed to get through it without that ‘what the heck?” look on my face…I hope.

Weird Thing #3: I am hosting a dinner party next week with a few friends and we decided on a Chinese Food Theme. Being in Israel – that can be a challenge since there are not so many great take-out places and we’ll probably re-create the menu. After a few back and forth emails on moo goo and moo shoo and poo poo platters I searched online for a visual to show my friend. I found this. Lets just say it was under the ‘poo poo platter’ section.

Weird Thing #4: Next week we celebrate the holiday of Purim. Quick synopsis, Jews were being persecuted *big surprise and the evil Haman, the kings right hand man wanted to destroy us. The king, Achashverosh (his Persian name – others refer to him as Xerxes, not much easier to say though), recently divorced from Queen Vashti (lets just say, she didn’t love his partying), was looking to find a new wife. Nice Jewish girl named Esther was chosen and she stepped a bit over the line. She went to him without being called (to beg him to help save her people against the evil Haman) and that’s a no-no. However the king took her brazenness as a sign of courage. She told him about Haman’s threats to her and her people which angered the king and sure enough Good prevails over Evil. Haman and his sons are hanged.

Smelly Feet CandyPerhaps that was not so quick…in any event, to commemorate this momentous occasion, and here is the weird part: we dress up in costumes and have a big feast, and give baskets of treats to our neighbors. (It sounds a bit like Halloween). As I was looking for some creative way to package said basket/treat giving while still in the poo poo section, I cam across this. The Porky Pooper. I mean, its funny and gross at the same time. Porky poops out chocolate balls.

Fart Candy - Click to enlarge

Who buys this stuff?!? Probably the same weirdos that buy “Smelly Feet Treats” and “Fart Candy”, ugh.

Weird Thing #5:

So after extensively discussing which costumes my children were going to be dressing in, they have settled on a zombie, a cupcake, a cowboy, a nerd and a ninja. That’s not happening, he recently asked me if he has any Ninja blood in him, so I sarcastically remarked “yes, you are 1/8th Ninja”…and he whooped, I had to break it to him gently that sometimes mommy jokes around. He wasn’t pleased. Some of these I can take bits and pieces from the HUGE costume box that is overflowing with perfectly good costumes, but I digress. Some of the other ones may be a bit difficult for me, I am not creative when it comes to costuming, and I usually wait until the very last minute for inspiration…so I took to searching online for Do-It Yourself costume sites…as if.  Half the costumes were inappropriate for my wholesome non-violent children and the other half were basically how-tos after you purchase all the fabric and elastic and extra doodads…I wanted easy, simple, and cheap! So whats weird?  My obsessive behavior this year in trying to make sure they all get what they want. Ninja acquiesced to be a  mad scientist and asked for a test tube. I should have given in to the ninja…or make him be a Shiatzu guy ;).



  1. Ha! Where do you find these things? I did see that pillow somewhere–CNN/Anderson Cooper maybe? So, I gather you are American by birth due to your NY references, but every Israeli I’ve met says, “Why do you American Jews like Chinese food so much?” I have no idea? Growing up, every Sunday was Chinese in Seattle’s Chinatown and my grandfather knew every restaurant owner. Funny…

    Any good Chinese over there? Make that Thai, Vietnamese, etc. I’d miss my ethnic food in the US. I lived abroad years ago and got so sick of the same food all the time!

    A 🙂

      1. Hey Cheri,

        Well, good to know. Funny American thing! Looking forward to more posts from someone from NY/NJ now in Israel. So exciting!! You know, I get hits from Israelis at least once a week or more as my eye disease seems more common there from 1 study I read, but I hadn’t mentioned being Jewish yet on my blog. Maybe more will leave a comment now since I think I lost my little WP crowd now. That gets an oy vey! 😉

        Will be back soon…

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