Da Toof Fairy

ImageIMG_1593I love him. In all his 5-year-old glory. With permanent markered hand art and all.

Self portrait on the left posing as…. Triangle Man.

He has a wiggly tooth and we had a conversation that went like this:

Mommy: Wow! Your tooth is loose, looks like the tooth fairy is gonna’ visit you soon!

Triangle Man: Da Toof Fairy?

Mommy: No, THe tooTH fairy

Triangle Man: Why?

Mommy: Because when a tooth falls out, we put in under our pillow, and while we are sleeping she comes to visit and takes the tooth and leaves us money.

Triangle Man: So we can buy more teef?

Mommy: No, so we can buy whatever prize we want.

Triangle Man: I want a race car prize.

Mommy: She only gives a little bit of money for a small prize.

Triangle Man: Okay, I want a small race car with a remote.

Mommy: That’s an expensive prize.

Triangle Man: But that’s what I need.

Mommy: You NEED food, you NEED to drink water,  you NEED to stop using permanent marker on your skin. You WANT the race car.

Triangle Man: Yes, that’s what I said. Can I have it now? In red? And blue? And Lightening McQueen? And wait, Mommy, look, mommy. Will she wake me up?

Mommy: No, she is very quiet. She flies in and is very gentle.

Triangle Man: Does she has pockets for da monies? I like pockets, mommy.

Mommy: I know you do. Should we pick your clothes out for tomorrow? It’s getting late.

Triangle Man: And she needs to fly here to give me da monies?

Mommy: No, not tonight, your tooth is only wiggly. She’ll come when the tooth falls out.

Triangle Man: What if I don’t catch it when it falls?

Mommy: Well, it doesn’t really fall, we’ll have to pull it out.

Triangle Man: No sanks. I don’t like dat idea. Then I’ll have bleed. I don’t like bleed, mommy.

Mommy: It would only bleed for a minute and don’t worry I’ll be there and will make it all better.

Triangle Man: I know how you can me feel better…with a race car, a blue one, a red one and a Lightening McQueen one.

Mommy: I’ll talk with the tooth fairy and see what I can do.

Triangle Man: You have her number?

Mommy: (this is getting out of hand I need to switch gears or this convo can go all night long with me making up more stories) Yeah Sure , now want to talk about what you did today?

Triangle Man: I colored me on my hand and on dis one and here and over here and even here!

Mommy: I know, that was not a good thing to do, we are supposed to ONLY color on the paper and YOU are not supposed to use my special markers.

Triangle Man: See how in dis one I’m smiling? I’m happy at you Mommy because I love you and you’re not angry at me because you love me. I’m tired now.

Mommy: Me too snuggle bunny, time to go to sleep.

With butterfly kisses, and about 5 various delaying tactics he finally settled down and talked to his soft  Buzz Light Year telling him not to shoot the toof fairy when she comes. “She is our friend”.I love him. In all his 5-year-old glory. With permanent markered hand art and all.


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