Welcome To The Millenium, Chubby

I’ve really done it now. I have officially become my mother. Hold my spot in the old fart’s department, I just got upgraded to an iPhone and 2 days in, with none of my old phone numbers and my head aching from trying to figure it out.

This sleek little number can do ANYTHING except clean my house and cook me dinner. I have successfully uploaded lots of APPS (that I totally don’t need) and managed to combine all 3 of my email addresses so I currently see the 82 messages (since 9AM!) that I am ignoring. I know that it’s 77 degrees in Israel today (though it sure feels more than that) and that I have taken 3 really awkward pictures of myself and a few more of the ground…in motion. 

I am thoroughly overjoyed at this new toy. It’s a work cell but still – it’s clearly more than that – I think I’ll even be able to tweet – as soon as I find and upload that APP, I’ve been asked already to Facetime with someone and I hear is like SKYPE (which I finally remember my password for and have used on occasion).

The worst part about this is, that I feel, well, kind of, just like my mom. Who needed help learning how to use the VCR and the microwave and had a 3 hour lesson on Facebook (after the 3rd time of trying to get her to remember her password and 2 other open accounts).

That’s who I have become. I am a quick learner and will get it eventually and probably never believe that I used to have ‘just a phone’ to make calls…now I have a walking computer to the utter jealousy of my kids. Who coincidentally have uploaded(/downloaded?) Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga…to which after 1 day I am addicted to both.

It’s a huge blessing and I am so excited to continue this electronic new age future of mine. I’m sure I’ll be Instagramming in no time and tweeting like a  pro and never getting lost and speaking to Siri and texting my mom while we play Words With Friends, its like Scrabble, but better!

This new little gadget will be sure tojot-iphone-health keep my life more organized with lists in the note section and the new calorie counter app I uploaded – I am gonna’ be leaner, smarter and quicker.  I’m so gonna’ smash this,  and in the immortal words of a truly amazing woman:

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”
-Helen Keller

To that I close with why I have become my mother. It seems as if I clicked something when setting up my shmancy phone and now I am getting friend acceptances on FaceBook to people I don’t think I’ve ever met, ever ever. Really ever. Not just oh, I’m so old and now I can’t remember if we’ve met. I mean, ever. So how do I undo that now? Is there an app for stupidity? I need one of those!




  1. ooooh im so jeal! I have a not so smart phone that I loathe but refuse to be on contract so I must deal…look for me on instagram…you can also use pintrest…oooog and ill bring my ipod to work so we can facetime! yayayayayayayayay…

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