5 More Days. Uh Oh.

I shouldn’t be shocked, I mean, I do the same thing every year, unintentionally.

I want to get a head start on the Passover cleaning, I create a plan in my head and I am super organized, theoretically.

I have not even started cleaning. Aaaah am I  freaking out? No, not me. It’s just not how I roll, actually.

Ever since I can remember this spring-cleaning-in-the-air-feeling doesn’t do it for me. There is no super boost of energy that makes me want to grab the bleach and some sponges and just attack the corners of my home, the crevices between each rung of the banister or the spaces between the hinges of my cabinetry.  How do I get ‘in the zone’? With good music, with new cleaning supplies (I know, my inner nerd is actually crying), and with lots of snacks to fend off my children. 

Lots of people will be happy to share their tips with you on the best products to wipe out all the grease and crumbs and leftover un-Passover-like-unrecognizable-anymore-bits-of who-knows-what that may be considered a no-no and must be destroyed. I buy like 1 or 2 products with the most dangerous looking picture or color scheme to do the job for me.

https://i2.wp.com/images.mysupermarket.co.il/Products_1000/17/000517.jpgThe black bottles alwayshttps://i1.wp.com/www.greenart.co.il/wp-content/gallery/plastic/p1010728-large.jpg work for me. Certainly they must contain worse chemicals than the fruity pastel-y/green soap bubbly ones. I also love recycling, but I am not as creative as some people. However, for those of my friends who buy an abundance of cleaning products this time of year, here is a cute project to keep your kids busy while you’re scrubbing away. Save your caps and containers, and locate your scissor and glue – this moose/goat?/antlers-made-of-laundry-caps?-guy can be just what the kids need. A Passover mascot. Ooh he can be called the Pascal Lamb.

The one thing I am great at is getting distracted when it comes to cleaning and now that I have an iPhone there is no limit to my insanity. So I started researching fun ways to clean and a good friend sent me a video on polishing silver (totally NOT a necessity for Passover but somehow a custom was born and it’s like OMG the silver needs to be someone’s job!!!). I found this video on YouTube and I love it for a few reasons.

1) Her accent is fun   2) This method is so much better and more fun than that other stinky Haggerty Polish creme that we generally use, and 3) Its such bad quality that it makes me happy, she sounds like a grandmother so to think she is putting up tips of the day and videoing – and uploading puts a smile on my face. I have no clue if her silver is actually clean since the

Iranian washing powder... the results will make you sick

The very last cleaning item I’ll post is the very best of laundry detergents. I mean, it’s so bad that its good. Every time I look at it I want to laugh. The fact that they even sell lemon-scented Barf, oh those Iranians…they sure know how to make a sick-awesome product. I mean c’mon? A little market research goes a long way.

Good Luck Cleaning!



  1. omg i love it…i wish they sold barf in the states…tooo funny!
    heres a good tip-to clean leggos, put them into a mesh washing machine bag and wash then in the top drawer of the dishwasher…yeah im so relig i wash my leggos!

  2. The Barf detergent, I’m dying. My late step-grandma was Orthodox and all I ever remember about our Seders was that the kitchen counters were lined with foil from one end of the kitchen to the other. Oy. I’m sure she had loads of tips for getting rid of chametz! I grew up Reform, so It was all a little different. That’s the Sephardic side, so much better food (hence, going to their Seders)! Yum…

    1. True being Ashkenazi does limit Passover food choices. And we still line our countertops w/ heavy duty tin foil its a big job with potential to really get hurt by the edges but this marks the 10th yr of making it myself so fingers crossed! Also, we only have one Seder on Israel, makes the holiday more pleasant I think.

          1. You’re welcome and I really do! I had to break-up with my Reconstructionist synagogue last year due to my health issues and their total lack of support and am in a very frustrated place, like so many Americans. I’m on disability and don’t want a handout, but c’mon? I’ve just decided to be Jewish on my own terms. I don’t have family where I live, so the holidays are a tad depressing, but I do my best! Well, don’t want to start a post on that! Glad I found a connection on WP and hope to hear about a real, Israeli Seder if you post on that…

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