Being Mommy

I got to play mommy yesterday. 

Eh? Don’t I do that ALL the time? I mean, all.the.time.

Yes, even that second after I shut the bathroom door inevitably there’ll be a knock and a whiny “I need you right noooow!” high-pitched screech coming from the other side of it.  Like when I am on the phone with a teacher about a serious kid issue and there is another one interrupting me every 3 seconds. Also, when I claim I need to rest for a few minutes until the Advil kicks in, and even the noise of poking and pointing is too much to bear. I am always mommy. 



There comes a day when they are sick or are having procedures and you see them in a vulnerable state and they really need you, that’s when you really feel it. When they ask you questions about why their bodies are changing or to help write a recommendation for their project on ‘family’ is when you know that only you have the answer they are looking for. You are the only one that can comfort them and help them get to where they need to be.  That’s when Mommy feels like MOMMY…like SUPER MOMMY – like chocolate chip cookies with milk, mommy. 

For me, that was yesterday. While waiting for my daughter to wake up from a local anesthetic I watched her little face and the linen’s movement for signs of her breathing. Every minute felt like an eternity. Holding her little finger, looking at the tape holding in the IV,  listening to the beeps of whatever machines were doing their things behind me, I was at the brink of crying too many times. It was like I was holding my breath the whole 40 minutes and then she started rubbing the tubes away from her nose, and I exhaled.  Relieved. One hurdle down. 

1 hour after returning from the hospital I was out taking my son, with a feverish head and stuffy, sneezy nose, to the doctor. We entered and after the prognosis went directly to the pharmacy for his antibiotics. He was sad and I was there to make it better with home-made chicken soup. It really does heal the soul, because it sure made me feel better about the whole day.

I was able to be there in a way they really needed today, and as any mommy knows, that’s what it’s about. Selfless actions day-to-day. Sure the never-ending errands are part of that along with the carpool runs and cheering for their teams but when the cheeks are flushed and they eyes are watery and the smiles are sparse, that’s when we do our best work. Our most memorable work. At least that’s what I remember most and I hope they do too.



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