No Bonfire?!? How Could I?

It’s not my thing. Neither is sitting too close to a fireplace.  That fire-y ember burning hypnotizing crackling with sparks flying every which way does NOTHING for me.  In the movies they make it like it’s the most romantic thing ever, sitting on the bear skin rug in the arms of your honey staring at the fire. Please. Sitting on the floor is generally NEVER comfortable. Is it just me? I’m no JAP. I will  on occasion sit on the floor if the activity warrants it – but as a choice of comfort, sorry, I’ll take a cushioned couch any day. Feeling that overly hot burn on  your face, as your eyes start to water, and your foot falls asleep you start to wonder why you wanted to do this in the first place!

Your clothes smell gross, your hair smells smokey, even your skin smells charred, you can’t wait to get in the shower to get the stench off you, all for a slightly burned marshmallow or a baked potato? I don’t get it, maybe I’m a Scrooge. A party-pooper. A Debbie downer.  Or. Maybe I’m just normal. 

Am I passing down my distaste for bonfires? Not out loud, I even encouraged my kids to partake in the festivities down the block, gave them wrapped potatoes in tin foil and the skewers. But I also didn’t overly encourage it – one daughter asked if she HAD to go, so I thought the best advice here was to tell her, only if she would regret not going, later. She went.  Was it peer pressure? I’ll never know because I’ll never ask her. See,  when she came back – though she reeked of campground fun, she was happy she participated, even if it meant she had to watch her younger siblings.

All in all? This holiday bugs me. Again, call me a killjoy but I NEVER think it’s a good idea to have children near a fire that can potentially get out of hand.  Children for over a week spend all their free time collecting twigs, branches, wood from someone’s construction site (happens every year), I even saw one young teen lugging what looked like half a tree to a car for transport to their camp fire site.  All that effort and for a few hot dogs? Marshmallows? Potatoes? I’ll never get it. 

Am I missing something?




  1. Im with you on this one….ugh I never liked them…Nothing fun about sitting on the ground looking at a fire-I mean its cool for the first 5 minutes and then what????

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