Happy Mother’s Day (or so they say)

I’ve  mentioned in a few posts before that here in Israel there is no one specific day that caters to moms. “Every day is mother’s day”. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It would still be nice to have been served breakfast in bed (at let’s say, 10:00 AM) or given a home-made card.

But alas, that is not the culture here.

Aliyah PictureThis picture was taken the year we left America. Her name is Rose Caeli (pronounced Kaylee). She is officially 11 years old today according to the Jewish calendar. She is my mother’s day gift I guess. Certainly way better than any ol’ card or a breakfast of burnt toast and a tall glass of OJ. Her birthday doesn’t always fall out on the Sunday of Mother’s Day, but today it did. And as I woke up my 11-year-old, I thought, who is this woman-child, all legs and arms growing faster than I can keep my eyes on her for a moment long enough to capture?

As she opened her eyes this morning, I was there and I whispered – happy birthday – and there was her big smile with adult teeth and button nose looking pleased that I’d remembered. In our family we generally celebrate the kid’s English birthdays (so for our dear flower we’ll celebrate in 2 more days!). I usually make a Duncan Hines yellow cake (a favorite from the old world) and the person whose birthday it is gets to decorate the icing…every year. It’s a small tradition but it’s one we made up so that’s kinda special.

Even though I don’t need (or even want) a diamond tennis bracelet or a day at the spa – or even a mani/pedi today, I feel that I am blessed by the most special gift. See, this rose of ours is very much like me. More so than any of the other chickens. She has crazy thick curly hair * I don’t, but our faces match. She loves to sing (even if it’s off-key and too loud for her sibling’s pleasure) and dance and knows all the words to the newest pop songs. She loves to be in the kitchen with me preparing any meal and/or dessert. She is artistic and funny and even a bit attitude-y. I love every bit of her even if I get frustrated sometimes because her room/clothes are always a mess/on the floor. She is a tough cookie and challenges me more than any one else. I look forward to growing old and watching her become her own self, even if it means she ends up wearing flowy skirts with Birkenstocks, dreadlocks and a nose ring, (Heaven forbid), which is everything I am not.

So while I am at work and she won’t return from a school trip until 8PM this evening, the day belongs to both of us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those that celebrate – here’s hoping you get the best home-made card today!



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