I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Period.

I am not the king of Siam or a foreign diplomat or doctor or even anything remotely ‘important’ as far as my current job placement. Sure – people depend on me and I feel good about what I do day-to-day.

BUT  – when I get scolded for being late – EVEN THOUGH I SENT A TEXT alerting to the fact that I’d be late because my daughter needed a chest x-ray and blood work to see why she has been sick for the last 6 days – that makes me angry. Besides that I am entitled to take off time for my children when they are sick. Besides that – lead by example – if you take off or come in late for every little minor and major personal thing going on in your life – what gives you the right – (a higher pay scale and fancier title?) to tell me I can’t when something major is going on in my personal life.

I hate people who put up a show for others. I hate people who think they are better than me – and act like it. I hate when people throw me under the bus. I work harder for more people than almost everyone in my office and get paid the least. When I am told something in a tone that is offensive and unnecessary I get pretty worked up, but I know my place. I refuse to enter into a verbal disagreement with anyone – especially my superior – but I do need to vent it  – so here goes:

I don’t need to make apologies when I put my children before my secretarial job (even though its way more than that – blablabla). I don’t need to show off in front of others to me look better than I am. I don’t need to bring others down to make me look better. I don’t need to threaten anyone – ever *except my children if they get out of bed for the millionth time.

If I were a team leader I would be compassionate to those that seem like they are struggling with personal issues. I would want the members of my team to perform the best they could – because they were in a healthy – not hostile environment.

To prove my point. Another “boss” asked me about a project that he needed – when I told him I had to pause because some others exerted their authority (as usual) saying their project takes precedence – even he made a mock display of the other person’s attitude so it’s not like I am seeing things through hurt eyes. I would respect my employees and offer assistance whenever I could – I never get that but I am ok with that – we don’t need to be friends. But I would like more respect – I would like to think that after working with someone for 8 years that there would be a mutual understanding as far as mother’s needs goes – but I guess only when the big cheese isn’t around, it’s just so two-faced it makes me literally sick. 

So there. I feel better. But I am still angry this is the way it came about. I know I was right to do what I did. I feel only upset by the fact that someone thought it was okay to make me feel bad and threaten me.  How do these people get the job as ‘boss’? I am also a bit sad. Sad that I lost respect for someone who I need to work with. 



One comment

  1. Wow, very well said! I must say that I have been there and am generally there every day. I unfortunatly work with very childish adults and a boss that will allow this two-faced showboat behavior exsist-need I say even encourges it. Thank goodness my direct supervisor is much more sympathetic and appreciative of all the hard work that I do. I am sorry that this has happened, its always painful when someone that you respect and even likes shows true colors…

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