Optimization For Localization (for Parenting)

Uh-Oh…she’s using big words again!

What on earth am I talking about? Buckle up kids, here we go.

(Content) Optimization for localization means creating the very best most concise content you can by editing your work so that the client (or reader) gets what you’re saying. By creating better, easier, more readable content the person reading your blog will have a better experience and will more often than not return to read what you have to say.

  • sameeraWhile I did not read all 167 pages of Sameera S. Ponda’s paper for MIT on Trajectory Optimization for Target Localization Using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, she makes a great point which I’d like to connect to this article. Using on board sensors to these UAV’s used mostly for reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance missions – data is collected and the information is used to estimate a target’s location.

That is what I am talking about! I mean, wouldn’t it be great if we could place these sensors on people or in their brains so that we could gather up the intel and pinpoint the best way to sell them on our ideas? I can see how it would get sketchy and all big brother is watching though, so we are left to research other ways.

Knowing what will click with your readers or your clients is a key factor in writing a successful blog or having a successful business. If you are interested in achieving the best possible outcome, you need to understand what makes your target market (group of readers) tick,  by researching all the factors that encourage or discourage your readers/clients. And while success is measured differently by each person, I can bet you one thing. If you want a definite, very specific outcome, you must know what it is you want to say and how to say it. 

Gathering your thoughts and researching the habits of your clients (or readers) will give you the very best opportunity to edit and re-edit yourself so that you can catch their attention in the shortest amount of time possible. I want to apply this to parenting and how we talk or get our point across to our children.

Because I’ve been blogging for over a year…I am an expert…obviously (cough-wink-wink) so this advice is tried and true. I’ve created a few graphs and documented one dinner experiment, read fiasco and one Friday clean-up experiment, which resulted in a sore throat. Kids-1, Mom-0. Here are the results.

Dinner Graph-page-001graph2

This is what I learned: Kids will listen when they receive something more than a command. Recognition, Appreciation, Encouragement. Candy. TV Time. Praise. By turning the clean-up-your-room tirade into a game of “Who can do it faster?”, the job got done. By offering a dessert and 30 minutes of movie time before bed-time, I was granted with quiet polite diners. By promising to read ONE (and only ONE – very.short.story) at bedtime, I was able to convince most little people to change quickly into pajamas, by themselves, and their clothing was placed in the laundry bins. Blogging is like that, it’s a give and take relationship. Give a reader what they want and they’ll praise you (isn’t that really what we all want?!)

So I asked myself…what do I really want? The answer was to be in a quiet house by 8PM. I had to find (by researching) a way they heard me best. I found out how to say what I wanted to say so that my target audience would respond and so I stopped, regrouped, and re-edited myself. I wanted them to listen. Bribery worked just fine for me (sorry, folks). Now, if only we can manage to create those sensors so we’d know when the tantrums would begin…  


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