Over 10,000 Views And I Still Have Stuff To Say

Wow – that is a big number for Silly Ol’ Me. It was a thrill to see it and it encourages me to write more. 

That having been said – I’ve been continuing the market research on this blog project and it never ceases to amaze me that the more serious, emo-heart-tugging, grab-a-tissue posts are the ones that get the most hits. I really thought Dr. Ruth had a chance.

I’ve been thinking of ways to expand, not my girth – THAT btw is ever so ridiculously slowly shrinking, thanks to a serious lazy gene, but conscious effort to eat better. I mean expand my blog – different things I should write about.

challah– I am obsessed with food, but there are already so many amazing foodies/ food bloggers out there. I’ve gotten a little better about baking with dough – see my Challah Bread here? So gorgeous – though this was the exception to the rule. They usually come out less evenly braided or with a big weird air bubble – but I am never discouraged and have often considered blogging about the food I create and the deeper meaning behind it or story connected to it. There usually is something that triggers me to cook or bake something and the stories are pretty juicy *see how I did that?

– I like to brag about my kids and their achievements but am not at all qualified to start blogging on good (or even mediocre) parenting.

– I often find the most random and silly products on the web but I already started writing Weird Stuff On Wednesdays and like to keep it a weekly thing.

– I sometimes want to write these Dear Diary moments and then think twice – some things really should be kept personal or anonymous. Some people share way too much on the internet and though I have been accused of this from time to time, I prefer to think I give people a glimpse but not the whole story.

– I see (like most people) what I want to see. I often want to challenge myself and wonder if there is a possibility to see things from a different perspective. One thing I learned from sitting in on one of the sessions at the Israeli Presidential Conference was that the brain has a way of convincing you that your opinion is the right one. I know a lot of lawyers that would agree.

– I want to learn how to play another instrument so I’ve been thinking seriously about blogging from day 1 with video footage of the process and progress. This is definitely the forerunner. I’m not worried about embarrassing myself  – Lord knows I do that often enough and most of the time not on purpose – so…no worries there.


– I love photography, but have no real skills or fancy camera but have a keen eye when using my iPhone, see? I caught the ant/bug-thing on the leaf/ flower bud there. La-dida-ing in my garden and sure enough the opportunity presented itself. I call it, Bug On A Flower Bud. Perhaps one day there may be a gallery opening for iPhone Art and then I’ll have a place to display this amazing capture. (yes, I’m being sarcastic)

So – that’s whats on my mind in a nut-shell. I have really enjoyed blogging – met some really interesting people because of it and am looking forward to more opportunities to share and leave a part of me behind.

I don’t intend to be quoted one day but perhaps my messages will transpire the generations. It’s important to share our experiences. Paulo Coelho (a Brazilian lyricist and novelist)  once said, “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”, and I agree. Jump in and get wet people – life only happens once.



  1. Love that picture! it came out amazing and now I see why ppl are not buying more cameras-ie breaking them so i can keep my job! damn you iPhone!

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